Snooki Hair Adventure: Reality Star Goes For Fireball Red Look

Snooki has a new hair style, and it’s making the tiny reality star stand out.

The Jersey Shore star recently got a makeover that includes “fireball” red hair extensions. Snooki showed off the new hair via Instagram, and tweeted a note of thanks to hairstylist Bradley Moreland.

“Love you boo,” Snooki tweeted to Moreland after the new hair job was all done. “Fab job as always!”

This isn’t the first time Snooki has experimented with her hair. While she was pregnant, the reality television star dyed added a red hue to her signature pouf, Us Weekly noted. She’s also experimented with Moreland before, dying her hair black and adding blonde extensions back in April.

The review of Snooki’s new hair from MTV was positive:

“The meatball gave us some tricky bait yesterday when she tweeted a photo of platinum-soaked locks straight from the salon, but it seems the pic wasn’t representative of the final product, and that the golden hue would ultimately deepen to something even more striking. Remote Control verdict? We’re digging it! Throw on a cape and a couple of bullet-deflecting metallics and we’ve got a sub-five-foot superhero on our hands.”

It could be the Snooki hair change was a chance for the new mom to unwind and spend some time on herself. Snooki gave birth to her first child, a boy named Lorenzo, earlier this year, and in turn has given up her hard-partying lifestyle. Now the new mom is spending her time tweeting pictures of her boy instead of drinking on camera.

Snooki Hair Adventure: Reality Star Goes For Fireball Red Look