Google Fiber Network Now Operational In Kansas City

Google Fiber is now live in Kansas City. Customers in both the Hanover Heights and Spring Valley areas are the first to receive Google’s new ultra-high speed data network which connects Google Internet and IPTV services.

After Google announced Kansas City as a member of its high-speed internet program, the city began receiving numerous relocation requests from technology start-ups, many who have already moved into the area in anticipation of the Google Fiber network.

On the Google Fiber blog, the company said it was working on a “one and done” setup which would allow the company to get all necessary equipment installed and then just flip a switch.

Google engineers have worked tirelessly to install the new system, which was only announced in July 2012. Google Fiber delivers gigabit internet access to customers who have opted-in for a Google Fiber Network Box. The box is capable of outputting at 802.11n Wi-Fi speeds up to 360Mbps.

Google Fiber customers can also choose to take advantage of Google TV service, which continues to expand its programming options.

While customers must pay a $300 “construction fee” to build out “free internet” to their home, they will receive seven years of free internet service after paying that one-time fee.

Google plans to extend the Google Fiber network after initial testing results are revealed. More than 100 neighborhoods around the country banded together to ask for Google Fiber assistance.

With speeds far surpassing that of paid competitors, Google could find itself dominating much of the broadband internet space in the coming years.