Melania Trump Tweets For The First Time Since Inauguration: Here’s What She Said

Earlier, a headline asked “Where Is Melania?” in response to a recent State visit. Others wondered about the First Lady’s absence from Twitter since her husband took office. Melania Trump finally broke her silence and posted a string of messages — and it was a long time coming.

Melania’s husband’s inauguration was Jan. 20. However, the @FLOTUS Twitter account for Melania didn’t post a tweet until the following day. The Office of the First Lady manages the account. The post from Melania Trump was a simple welcome message, as Nine reported.

“I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!”

Unlike President Trump who is a prolific user of the micro-sharing site, Mrs. Trump maintained her practice of keeping out of the limelight. During the presidential campaign, the future First Lady stayed away from Twitter and the media until the end of the contest.

Then, on Saturday, Melania posted not one, but three successive messages on Twitter. Lady Trump’s first tweet thanked Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe for educating her about her culture during a Museum tour in Florida.

Melanie’s next tweet was the pride she felt in sharing a part of her history (the church where her nuptials took place) with Mrs. Abe. Finally, Mrs. Trump posted a message of inspiration about empowering children for tomorrow’s challenges.

The last tweet, according to sources, likely foreshadowed what Melania intends to focus on as part of her duties as First Lady. As Time magazine wrote in a November post, Melania made a rare campaign speech where she pledged to help eradicate cyber bullying. Then, there had been a number of highly publicized child suicides, some with an online bullying connection.

“We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. We must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. It will be one of the main focuses of my work if I’m privileged enough to become your First Lady.”

Days ago, the Japanese dignitaries arrived in the United States to meet the new President and First Lady. Historically, as a practice, a President’s wife acts as a de facto host for tours, specials events, holidays and visits from Heads of State.

As the Inquisitr reported, when the PM and his wife arrived in Washington, Melania did not accompany President Trump to greet his guests. News of her absence spread rapidly with the press and a backlash soon followed.

Social media criticized Melania and claimed the Trumps were “disrespecting” the Abes by breaking White House protocol. Staffers at various points around Washington accompanied Mrs. Abe as she went about her business.

Later, Melania was seen on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews to meet her husband and greet the Abes. She then quickly caught up with her hosting duties; pictures show the women in various locations together over the weekend. Melanie’s office attempted to quash the criticism by releasing a statement to set the record straight.

“The First Lady was very much looking forward to welcoming Mrs. Abe to the White House upon her arrival in Washington; however, she was informed that Mrs. Abe had previous commitments during her stay in DC.”

Recently, Melania came under fire, again, for two defamation lawsuits she filed against a global news portal and a blogger. The former model sued the prodigious Mail Online, the parent company of Daily Mail and a blogger for allegedly defaming her, as the Inquisitr previously wrote. Sources are calling her plans to “cash in” a “FLOTUS first.”

Melania’s suit charged that the two entities (no relation) published accounts from a third-party publication that claimed her former modeling agency also provided high-end escort services.

Melania is being criticized for the language used in her complaint, which states the articles caused her brand to be damaged and her to miss out on millions of dollars in earnings. Vanity Fair said Melania Trump’s lawsuit is the “TRUMPIEST IT GETS.” It weighed in on the controversy.

“Months after the story appeared, this past August, Melania Trump’s lawyers recently noted in a February 6 court filing that the First Lady’s ‘brand’ had lost ‘significant value’ and that ‘major business opportunities’ in the ‘multiple millions of dollars’ that ‘were otherwise available to her have been lost and/or substantially impacted.'”

Are you happy First Lady Melania Trump is tweeting again?

[Featured image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]