‘SNL’ Trump Court Sketch Hilariously Skewers The President Once More

The SNL Trump court sketch is one of the highlights of last weekend’s episode, making fun once more of the current president of the United States of America.

In the sketch, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump went to the reality court show, The People’s Court, to sue the federal judges who prevented him from implementing his travel ban.

In true The People’s Court fashion, at the start of the SNL Trump court sketch, the plaintiff was introduced to the audience with a short background of his case. SNL even used some of the words that the real Donald Trump used when he referred to illegal immigrants entering the country.

Alec Baldwin tried to argue his case in the SNL Trump court sketch but even the judge, who was portrayed by Cecily Strong, told him that The People’s Court isn’t even real.

Strong said, “Mr. Trump, you understand this is a TV court, right?”

To which Baldwin’s Trump replied, “That’s OK, I’m a TV president.”

SNL Trump court parodies Donald Trump
[Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]

Baldwin’s Trump then went on and asked that his travel ban be reinstated and that he be paid $725 in compensation from the judges who opposed him.

After that, the judge told Mr. Trump that the case she handled before him had more substance and it was about a joint-custody battle on a pet snake.

In the SNL Trump court sketch, Strong’s character then asked Trump if he’s ready to present his character witness and the fake president brought in Vladimir Putin, played by Beck Bennett.

Bennett as Putin is hilarious, and shirtless as always, and the Russian president told the people to back off from targeting Trump, referring to him as his “little American Happy Meal.”

Bennett’s Putin said, “This man is a great friend. He’s my little American Happy Meal. He’d do anything for you. Go against his own country just to make you happy,”

Then in the SNL Trump court sketch, the judge told the fake president that the travel ban he issued was done in haste and that she had no choice but to reject his appeal to reinstate it to which Baldwin’s Trump said, “I want to settle,”

After that Strong’s character almost went off the rails against Baldwin’s Trump and according to the Huffington Post she told him something that must be on the minds of many Americans right now.

Strong said, “Let me just say, you’re doing too much. OK? I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me! Alright?” she added, “I just want to relax and watch the Grammys! Alright? No one has ever said that!”

It was a statement made out of jest but it’s something that could be reverberating in every American’s mind ever since the real Donald Trump has moved into the White House.

But it wasn’t just Donald Trump who had a huge beating in the latest SNL episode. Aside from the SNL Trump court sketch, two other famous political figures were skewered by the sketch comedy series last Saturday.

Melissa McCarthy came back to reprise her role as the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and she upped her game this time with much more ridiculous antics like gobbling a huge chewing gum and having a Segway as a podium.

SNL invited back Melissa McCarthy to parody Sean Spicer
[Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

And Kate McKinnon also came out on the opening sketch as the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which elicited lots of laughs from the audience.

McCarthy’s Spicer berated the reporters once more and at one point she used a leaf blower on Cecily Strong when the latter tried to contradict her about the number of homicides in the city of Chicago.

After blowing up Strong’s skirt and blasting her face with the leaf blower McCarthy’s Spicer said, “You know what that was? That was me blowing away their dishonesty!”

After that when Kyle Mooney asked McCarthy’s Spicer if she’s all right mentally the volatile White House Press Secretary suddenly veered forward on her podium trying to run down the reporters.

It was a great episode with lots of scathing sketches directed at the current administration and the SNL Trump court sketch was probably the best one there.

You can watch the whole sketch below.

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