WWE News: The Wyatt Family Poised To Reunite At Tonight’s ‘Elimination Chamber’

In just a few hours, the Elimination Chamber will take place with the superstars from SmackDown Live filling the card, but the focus will be on just three. With eight matches and more than two dozen performers filling the ring, it is going to be a night where so many different WWE wrestlers are the focus. Still, if the rumors are true, there will only be three people in the ultimate spotlight and it could be when The Wyatt Family has the ultimate reunion.

If you count Randy Orton as a legitimate member of The Wyatt Family, three members will be in action this evening on the card for the Elimination Chamber. Orton will actually be taking on former member Luke Harper while Bray Wyatt will be fighting for the WWE Championship inside the chamber itself.

Braun Strowman is now a member of Monday Night Raw and involved in a huge feud with Roman Reigns. Erick Rowan has been out of action for a long time after suffering an injury that put him on the shelf back in September.

Still, the time is perfect for a reunion to take place and it could happen tonight.

For weeks now, Rowan has been teasing fans on his Twitter account regarding his character and the sheep mask he wears to the ring. Just two weeks ago, he posted the image above with him wearing the sheep mask and looking ready to get back to hurting people.

Wrestling Inc. reported last week that Rowan was actually at the WWE Performance Center to get back in ring shape after being sidelined with a torn rotator cuff. All Wrestling News, by way of Sports Keeda, is reporting that Rowan’s return could happen as soon as this evening at the Elimination Chamber.

PW Mania reports that his injury was set to keep him out about four months which would mean he could return at any time now. He is a part of the SmackDown Live roster and his comeback is perfectly matched with Bray Wyatt going after the WWE Title.

Oh, and the sheep-mask-wearing superstar tweeted out a cryptic message late on Saturday night. It is the first tweet he has put out in close to two weeks.

Now, if he appears tonight and helps Bray capture the WWE Title, there would still be one original member of The Wyatt Family missing – Luke Harper.

Cageside Seats is reporting that it will indeed be Bray coming out on top in tonight’s Elimination Chamber match and winning the WWE Championship. If that ends up being the case, he will have to face Randy Orton, the Royal Rumble winner, in the main event at WrestleMania 33.

That being said, it would seem impossible for Orton and Wyatt to coexist as a “family” if they’re going to be fighting over the ultimate prize on SmackDown Live. Earlier on tonight’s card, Orton will take on Luke Harper once again in a match that “The Viper” is expected to win, according to Bleacher Report.

If that inevitable split happens, Luke Harper may find the way back to his family.

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ESPN recently reported about how upset Harper was at Orton, and last week on SmackDown Live, he issued a challenge and threat for the Elimination Chamber. Harper made it a point to let his new enemy know that he had stolen so much from him, but that he knows how to “fix it.”

“Randy Orton, you’ve stolen my family. You are a liar. I’ve seen a snake in the grass. I know how to fix it, but cutting the head off the viper is too easy. I want to hurt you. I want you to feel pain. At Elimination Chamber, you will be eliminated.”

While Fansided believes that Harper is going to emerge from this feud with The Wyatt Family as a full-on babyface, it doesn’t make much sense. Yes, he’s incredibly talented, but it just makes sense for him, Erick Rowan, and Bray Wyatt to be together as a family.

That being said, if Rowan is to return tonight, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see his former tag team partner be thrilled to see him.

The Elimination Chamber is already going to be a huge event with multiple titles on the line, some big-time women’s matches, tag team turmoil, and the chamber encompassing six superstars. Quietly, WWE has been leading up to a reunion of The Wyatt Family and some fans may not even know that it is coming. Maybe, it is all a big swerve and that nothing of the sort will happen, but if the rumors are to be believed, the original trio of buzzards will need to be feared again.

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