Rick Reilly Wanted Credit For Reporting Ben Roethlisberger Injury, ESPN Cameras Catch

Rick Reilly wanted credit on-air for breaking news about Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury, and ESPN cameras caught the entire awkward exchange.

During ESPN’sMonday Night Football, Rick Reilly was with fellow analysts on camera when he was caught instructing host Stuart Scott to “say I had it first on Twitter,” Yahoo! Sports noted. The exchange was supposed to happen off-camera, but ESPN returned back early from a break early and viewers were able to see then awkwardness that followed.

Reilly’s grab for attention didn’t go over well with Steve Young. The analyst and former quarterback shot an angry look at Reilly, and when Stuart Scott did indeed credit his colleague’s Twitter account, Reilly sat with a smirk.

Whether Rick Reilly was even first with news of Roethlisberger’s serious shoulder injury is being questioned. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist first reported that Roethlisberger was being evaluated for a shoulder injury. About 90 minutes later, Rick Reilly tweeted, “Asked Roethlisberger as he was leaving how bad his shoulder was. He just shook his head. Was wearing sling on right shoulder. Left w/ wife.”

Some of the awkwardness on Monday Night Football could spell from the seriousness of Roethlisberger’s injury. While it appeared to colleagues that Rick Reilly was making a grab for attention, the Steelers quarterback is set back with what could be a long-term injury. The team is evaluating Roethlisberger this week, but a source has already told ESPN that the injury is seen as significant and could keep him out for several weeks.