Angelo Pagan Supportive Of Leah Remini’s Fight Against Scientology

Leah Remini and her husband, Angelo Pagan, left Scientology in 2013. It was a shared experience that Leah continues to recall today, as she still speaks about the issues she has with the religion.

Angelo Pagan has said about Scientology that he’s proud of Leah for her decision to leave and appears to be very supportive of her courage.

Us Magazine published an account about their decision to reset, which talks about how Angelo Pagan went after the Church of Scientology, an organization who reportedly sent a packet of information they had on Remini to the offices of ABC in an attempt to tarnish Remini’s reputation.

It was about this time that Leah was promoting her book called Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

Angelo Pagan, and Remini’s mother, who were apparently staunch Scientology supporters, both followed her when she exited the organization.

The main Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles, California.
Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles. [Image by Richard Vogel/AP Images]]

Remini has devoted most of her life to Scientology, being raised in the church since she was 9-years-old.

The New York Daily News reported on her interview with Joe Rogan to expose Scientology that John Travolta — who is a member — is given the kind of status that gives him permission to kill people without question, and others would simply have to look away.

She has become a kind of investigative reporter for a new documentary series on A&E, to follow her book, Scientology and the Aftermath which began to run in December, 2016, and goes into 2017.

In a post on Angelo Pagan’s official Facebook page about his wife, one person commented that they wished they could do more to take down Scientology.

Angelo Pagan appears to operate from a moral high ground from his Twitter account where he tackles controversial issues like the latest Muslim immigration ban by the Trump White House.

It’s clear from this that he’s not afraid of confronting these issues, much like his wife does with Scientology.

Last month, Angelo Pagan was spotted with Leah and Jennifer Lopez for a night on the town, according to Entertainment Tonight Online.

Angelo Pagan was seen with some friends of his before this, such as comedian George Lopez, which made him a mild target of criticism by at least one commenter for being around him, saying the Lopez is a racist. And while the criticism is a small one, Lopez has also become a target of controversy for making statements, or being found passed out in public from drinking too much.

Had a blast with El Chingon himself @georgelopez! A young talent @raydiaz and Anthony citric campos holding it down! Pleasure gents! 2nd season of #Lopez

A photo posted by Angelo Pagan (@therealangelopagan) on

Scientology is a belief system that some people consider a cult, while others consider it a religion. For many years, it’s been criticized for suppressing believers to reject those who are critical of the religion.

Even Remini has said that family members who are not Scientologists are not allowed to interact with those family members who are.

The belief is based on the work of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and is generally seen as Tom Cruise’s religion, as he has been seen as a promoter of the religion since he’s a very active member. Many celebrities and actors are part of the organization, including John Travolta.

Leah Remini takes on the Church ofScientology
Actress Leah Remini is at a Jennofer Lopez concert, fighting Church of Scientology with new series. [Image by Omar Vega/Invision/AP]

Scientology is officially recognized as a religion in the United State,s but is banned in various parts of the world. Much like other religions, it is given a tax exempt status.

The religion has also been accused of criminal behavior such as organizational harassment, and filing endless lawsuits against governments and individuals. Even the official founder, Hubbard, was in hiding towards the end of his life from authorities, living on a boat away from jurisdiction.

Leah Remini had also tweeted fairly recently about her accusations against Scientology about how members are brainwashed

During the time that Remini published her book, she apparently went after Angelo Pagan as well, saying that he cheats on her. In a related move, the Inquisitr reported on an incident on the Ellen Degeneres show where they prank-called Angelo while he was in a hotel. Rather than him picking up the phone, it was a woman who Remini suggested he was cheating on her with. Instead, it was a prank on the audience.

But from this, there is no doubt from what we’ve seen so far that Leah Remini supports her husband, and in return, Angelo Pagan supports her campaign against Scientology.

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