BAFTA Rolls Out Royal Welcome For Kate Middleton And Prince William

Looking absolutely giddy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walked the BAFTA red carpet at Royal Albert Hall just 20 minutes before the awards show began, with Hollywood stars even craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the dazzling couple. What did Kate Middleton wear to her first time at this glittering event and what award did Prince William give away?

After weeks of speculation that Kate Middleton was not welcome to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts because the organization’s senior staff believed that the Duchess would outshine the Hollywood starlets, the Inquisitr reported that Prince William put his foot down, insisting that his wife accompany him to this event. Well, he is, after all, the President of BAFTA and he should be there and naturally, his wife should be by his side. Eventually, ruffled feathers were smoothed and the couple has made their appearance and as the senior staff predicted, Kate Middleton has outshone everyone at BAFTA with simple elegance and beauty.

Stars were warned to not ask for selfies with the royal couple. [Image by Daniel Leal-Olivas- WPA Pool/Getty Images]

Intending not to outshine the nominated women, Kate wore a stunning, yet understated modern-looking black, off the shoulder Alexander McQueen drop-waisted dress, with embroidered white flowers as the only embellishment. The bespoke dress fell in tiers over her petite figure. Wearing her hair up, she showed off her swan neck and a sparkling pair of stunning chandelier earrings. Her other accessories included a diamond bracelet and her blue sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to William’s late mother, Princess Diana. Her new dewy makeup look made her skin look absolutely luminescent.

Duchess Catherine wore a dress by Alexander McQueen, one of her favorite designers. [Image by Daniel Leal-Olivas- WPA Pool/Getty Images

Not to be outdone by his wife, Prince William looked incredibly dapper in a black tux and he wore velvet slippers for a very elegant touch.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple was the last to arrive at the venue, which is in close proximity to their residence. Yet, this appeared to be intentional, in order to allow the royal couple to arrive without taking any attention away from the nominated performers. Greeted by loud cheers outside, the beaming couple were ushered into the venue, where the audience stood as the couple was taken to their front row seats.

Soon after they arrived, host Stephen Fry began his monologue and according to the Mirror, he immediately took the opportunity to tease William that it was a good thing Kate was there to support him, especially now that he knows he is related to EastEnders star Danny Dyer. Dyer just recently discovered the royal connection on the television show Who Do You Think You Are?. This made the royal couple giggle with a great deal of mirth and glee.

“He is still recovering from devastating news he is related to Danny Dyer.”

Prince William, who has been the President of BAFTA since 2010, presented the fellowship award to Mel Brooks. This award is for “an outstanding and exceptional contribution” to film.

Mel Brooks is known for his work as both a director and a performer in such movies as Space Balls, The Producers, and Young Frankenstein. His production company, Brooksfilms, was behind such movies as The Elephant Man, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and 84 Charing Cross Road, which starred Brooks’ late wife Anne Bancroft.

The Blazing Saddles actor and director previously told The Guardian that he is quite whelmed by this award and thought that BAFTA has made a strangely surprising yet ultimately wise decision.”

“I am not overwhelmed, but I am definitely whelmed by this singular honor.”

What did you think of Kate Middleton’s BAFTA appearance? Did you think that her Alexander McQueen dress was one of her best looks? Did you like Prince William’s velvet slippers?

[Featured Image by Daniel Leal-Olivas- WPA Pool/Getty Images]