Amazon Under Fire For Selling Books Claiming Holocaust Was A Hoax

Amazon is facing backlash after the revelation that the publishing giant sells several books that suggest the Holocaust did not happen. These titles are penned by authors who argue that the terrifying regime is a mere hoax. Amazon Prime members even have the option to receive some of the books through fast shipping.

Some of the titles that can be found on the site are The Hoax of the 2oth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry; The Myth of Extermination of the Jews; The Greatest Lie Ever Told; The Myth of the Germain Villainy; and Six Million: Fact or Fiction, which pertains to the 6 million Jews tortured and killed during the Holocaust.

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The titles are available on Amazon’s U.K. store as it is not illegal there to deny the Holocaust. However, committing the deed in Germany and France equates to a prison sentence. The Times reports that the titles are sold in the German and French counterpart of the sites too, but were later taken down.

Peter Winter’s Six Million: Fact or Fiction has more than a hundred reviews on Amazon. A customer named John Reid describes the title as “a book that deserves attention.”

“As a final comment, questioning the ‘Holocaust’ story does not make one anti-Semitic. We should always seek the truth. We can only learn from history when we know the truth, and we should not let others distort history for their own convenient purposes. If anyone can present a rebuttal to Mr. Winter’s work that is equally well researched, and presented, I challenge them to do so.”

Another customer claims that he will now close his Amazon account.

“I am surprised that Amazon sells such hate-mongering ‘revisionist’ fantasies. You have a responsibility to minorities and you should be boycotting this trash, not promoting it. I am closing my Amazon account. Barnes&Noble sells books too,” the reviewer wrote. The book was likewise described by some reviewers as “the greatest lie ever told” and “a terrible piece of tripe.”

Chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock told the Times that it was wrong for Amazon to sell the “shocking” books.

“The Holocaust was one of the most well documented and researched periods in history, yet even in 2017, over 70 years later, there are still those who deliberately deny, denigrate and belittle the memory of the Holocaust. Holocaust denial is highly offensive and the intent is anti-Semitism, pure and simple. To have this offensive material widely accessible via any retailer is shocking and wrong.”

Meanwhile, students in several British university campuses are outraged after receiving “deeply concerning” leaflets that also deny the Nazi genocide. The leaflets have been distributed at the Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, and University College London.

According to the Jewish News, the leaflets claim that the gas chambers never existed. Another feature tells the story of the film Denial. The film follows the life of Jewish author Deborah Lipstadt, who is sued for libel by David Irving because he was depicted as a Holocaust denier.

Another leaflet carries the title, “The greatest swindle of all time.” It comes with a quotation from Professor Norman Finkelstein.

“For the facts, gentlemen, not the Hollywood production,” it said which was accompanied by a website address as well as the hashtag #Holohoax.

Pollock similarly found the distribution of the Holocaust denial literature appalling.

“That in 2017, anyone would deliberately deny, denigrate or belittle the historical facts of the Holocaust, particularly on a university campus, is absolutely disgusting. This literature is highly offensive and the intent is clear – to belittle and undermine the tragic murder of 6 million people, just because they were Jews – antisemitism pure and simple. I hope the Universities in question realise how serious this is and find out who is behind this as an urgent priority.”

Amazon hasn’t addressed the issue yet about the Holocaust denial books.

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