Miranda Kerr And Evan Spiegel Are Saving Themselves For Marriage

Miranda Kerr isn’t using any form of birth control because she and fiancé Evan Spiegel want to get married first before having sex. While she recognizes the joy of providing a sibling to Flynn, her son with former husband Orlando Bloom, the 33-year-old toldThe the Times that she and Evan are still waiting for their wedding night.

“Not yet. Not until after we get married. My partner is very traditional,” she remarked.

In 2014, the two met at a dinner hosted by Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles. While their seats turned out to be next to each other, the Victoria’s Secret model didn’t know at the time who Evan was. She found him “cute but way too young to take anything too seriously.”

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel wedding
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They talked the whole evening but according to Miranda, Evan “abruptly got up” because he had a meeting the next morning. What followed was a series of phone calls that went on for months. The exchanges stopped which made Miranda doubt if Evan was even interested. “But once I let him know I was interested, he was very interested,” she recalled. For her, everything was “slow and steady.”

When asked by the interviewer if Evan thought the Australian model was way out of his league, Miranda quipped, “You’d have to ask him that.” She describes her husband-to-be as a private guy.

“He’s very mysterious. And he’s very in the moment. And that’s exactly what his brand represents. I couldn’t be more proud of Evan and what he’s achieved. He’s put his heart and soul into something he really believes in.”

At 26, the Snapchat co-founder has indeed reached a lot of milestones. His work for the messaging app made him Forbes list’s youngest self-made billionaire. Both Miranda and Evan came from humble origins which could explain their support for each other’s ventures.

Miranda Kerr poses with fiance Evan Spiegel
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In 2012, Evan dropped out of Stanford University, despite being a few credits shy from obtaining a diploma, to focus on the budding app. His parents are both high-profile lawyers, but when they parted ways, Evan decided to forge his own path.

Miranda’s modeling career also did not happen overnight. She had to compete with hundreds of girls when she joined a magazine’s model search contest in 1997. Her appreciation for working hard made her one of the industry’s highest-earning models. She similarly penned self-help books and launched her own organic skincare line, KORA. The brand will soon have its own skincare supplement collection.

The mother-of-one says that she is obsessed with Snapchat and that even her son is fascinated with it.

“And by the way, I’d be obsessed with Snapchat whether he was in my life or not,” she quipped. “It’s the closest thing to having a conversation with someone in the moment… It feels more connected. And people want to connect now more than ever.”

She relies on the app to communicate with her family members in Australia. Miranda likes how conversations disappear after a few seconds. For her, it isn’t fair to be judged based on the things one has posted years ago because “every day, people are learning and evolving.”

Miranda and Evan are tight-lipped about their wedding date, but Orlando is reportedly happy for them because Evan treats Flynn like his own. Miranda also expressed her happiness to Vogue UK about their setup.

“We are a modern family. Orlando and I, we’re literally like family. Like a brother. It’s very weird, but we really care for each other and have a great relationship, so we’re very lucky.”

She has recently collaborated with Mother Denim for a 12-piece capsule collection. Proceeds from her line will go to the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.

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