Robbie Williams Says He’s One Of Many Who Have Taken Drugs At Buckingham Palace

Robbie Williams has never tried to hide his use of marijuana, and he’s now revealed that he once got high at Buckingham Palace. The Huffington Post reported that back in 2012, Williams was just one of many big-name acts who were selected to perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert.

When The Sun suggested he vomited in Buckingham Palace, Robbins responded with “No, I smoked a spliff at Buckingham Palace,” admitting that perhaps he wasn’t exactly on his best behavior. The popular singer is very honest about his use of the drug, and in 2013 he explained that he still uses small amounts of marijuana to help him relax. However, he admits that fatherhood has made him change his behavior.

“Since the birth of [Theodora] I’ve become less reckless. I last drank 13 years ago, the last time I got high was two days ago. No big drug sessions, mind, just a small amount, purely to relax. I’m allowed to go crazy once in a while, just as long as I don’t lose control. I have to be there to take care of my daughter, right? That is the good thing – by putting responsibility on my shoulders she is also taking care of me.”

Metro reported that before Williams performed for the Queen at Buckingham Palace on June 4, 2012, he smoked a joint. Robbie Williams fans know that the singer has never been very good at following rules, and he certainly broke a cardinal rule when he performed at Buckingham Palace. Marking this royal anniversary by smoking a joint before performing is not exactly behaving oneself!

Fans of this successful singer know that he’s already had two stints in rehab, but the father-of-two admits that he still does use the drug occasionally.

It seems that Williams is in good company, because in 1965 the Beatles admitted having a “spliff” in the palace toilets before being awarded their MBEs, and in his autobiography, More Fool Me, Stephen Fry admitted to snorting cocaine in the Queen’s official residence.

TheMirror reported that, in 2013, Williams admitted to still using the drug recreationally.

John Lennon from the Beatles admitted that they misbehaved in 1965 when receiving their MBEs.

“We were giggling like crazy because we had just smoked a joint in the loos of Buckingham Palace.”

And here’s something for you all to think about: in 1992 a cheeky Dame Vivienne Westwood collected her OBE while going commando!

In other news, the Evening Standard reports that former Take That bandmates, Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, are set to reunite in a new music video.

Williams and Barlow haven’t enjoyed a smooth relationship over the years, so fans will be excited to hear that these two are reuniting in a new project. In London this week, Barlow was spotted on the set of the new video for Williams’ single, “Mixed Signals.” An insider told The Sun that Barlow was happy to be involved.

“Robbie is going to cause mayhem among Take That fans when his video is released. He shot it on Monday at a flat in Shoreditch in East London. It’s for ‘Mixed Signals,’ the song Brandon Flowers gave him. Gary was obviously more than happy to get involved with it. They talk all the time and have got all sorts of plans for new Take That stuff, but they knew this would be a way to whet our appetites.”

Williams quit Take That in 1995 at the height of the band’s fame, then later re-joined them for a short while in 2009. Today, he describes himself as a floating member, and added that he’s very keen to make more music with the band in the future. Last month at a gig in East London he performed “Back For Good” with band members Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen.

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