Boy Discovered Chewing Used Condom On School Playground In Florida

A five-year-old boy in Fort Pierce, Florida was discovered chewing on a used condom while at recess on Wednesday afternoon. The incident happened at St. Lucie Elementary School.

A teacher that monitored the recess activities noticed the young boy chewing on something and felt it was best she investigated further. She was horrified to discover that the boy was chewing on a used condom that he found on the ground. Immediately, the teacher removed the used condom from the boy’s mouth and escorted the young boy inside.

Once inside, school officials contacted the boy’s mother and he was rushed to the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center so he could be checked out, according to Metro.

After initial tests, if is believed that the boy has not contracted anything from the used condom. However, he will be monitored to ensure nothing surfaces at a later time.

Police officials were also called to the scene to determine if there were more used condoms in the area and if there was a threat of any more children coming into contact with used condoms that could potentially spread disease, or at the very least create a choking hazard if any other children decided to pick them up and chew on them.

It is unknown why the boy chose to pick up the used condom and chew on it. If it were still packaged, there is a possibility that it might have been mistaken for candy. However, a used condom has officials puzzled.

Local police officials believe the incident is isolated, according to local news TC Palm. Officer Ed Cunningham believes someone was having sex in the area and simply left the used condom behind, not thinking it would be any harm to anyone.

“It’s pretty clear that someone was likely having sex there or near there, or (it’s) a possible prostitution issue, but we are not aware of any specifics.”

All officers that are assigned to the area have been notified to be on alert for any suspicious activities or individuals near the school during the off hours of operation.

According to school officials, similar items have been found on the school grounds in the past. However, this is the first time that any child has picked up a used condom or opted to chew on one like it was candy.

It is not believed that there is anyone out there purposely planting used condoms in areas where children can get to them, as there have not been any calls from local schools with complaints of discarded condoms lying around. However, officials have asked for schools to be on the lookout.

“This appears to be an isolated incident, but if anyone sees people having sex in public or anything similar, they should call 911.”

Boy Discovered Chewing Used Condom On School Playground In Florida
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Police officers are leaning toward the thought that the incident may be related to prostitution in the area. Although the used condom shows that protection is being used during such a risky moment of forbidden ecstasy, there is still a potential for diseases to be captured within the used condoms or to be stuck to the outside of the rubbery rubbish. There is a fear that any child that may choose to pick one up could be at risk for disease, some of which may not be curable.

In addition to used condoms, there is a fear that other dangerous items could be left behind in the future, such as needles or other drug paraphernalia.

Luckily for the young boy that found the used condom, the discarded protective device was not contaminated. Although, there is worry that a future child may not be so lucky.

Do you think that basic sexual education, even at the kindergarten level, might have prevented the child from picking up the used condom?

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