WWE Rumors: Is The Rock Going To Make A Movie About Paige?

For all the controversy surrounding WWE superstar Paige, you have to admit that she makes for some good copy. And the latest WWE rumors suggest that there will be an all-star lineup set to star in a movie about the WWE superstar, with none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leading the charge!

According to the BBC‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Dwayne Johnson will lead an all-star cast that includes Lena Headey (best known as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones) and Nick Frost in a film called Fighting with my Family, which is all about the interpersonal struggles that Paige faced with her family when she began her wrestling career. Based on the documentary film of the same name, Fighting with my Family will also feature Florence Pugh as Paige.

The Rock first made the announcement about the castings on his Twitter page.

Stephen Merchant, who wrote the script, said he initially wasn’t interested in writing the story.

“When Dwayne sent me the documentary, I didn’t think I’d be interested in a story about wrestling. Until I realized, this is not really about wrestling at all, it’s about a young woman, her family and their struggles – which are funny, sad, tough, tender and ultimately inspiring. And just happen to involve people in spandex throwing each other about.”

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Maxim, Paige is considering an entirely different career direction: namely, in the MMA. In the past, of course, it went in the other direction — most infamously, with Brock Lesnar defecting from MMA to the WWE, and the ever-persistent rumors of Conor McGregor eventually doing the same thing.

But Paige is considering defecting for a different reason altogether.

“I’ve actually really enjoyed it. I’m like, I want to start training every single week.”

Alberto Del Rio, Paige’s significant other, has also voiced his support of his lady’s potential career choice.

“There’s more chance of this one fighting in the cage.”

But there’s still a bigger question in the air: when will Paige, currently sidelined with a neck injury, return to the WWE?

According to the latest WWE rumors from — where else? — Wrestling Rumors, Paige is looking at a return to the WWE sometime in April. However, the site also took pains to note that she’s “fallen out of favor” with the WWE executives, and it’s unclear how she’ll be portrayed upon her return.

“Back in July, Paige was drafted to Raw, and Alberto Del Rio, who she’s currently engaged to, was drafted to SmackDown, which caused a rift between the couple and WWE. Of course, Del Rio ended up leaving the company, and Paige is one wellness strike away from being fired, as she’s failed two tests in recent months.”

Tell us, WWE fans: will you be checking out Fighting with my Family? What do you think of the latest round of WWE rumors about Paige’s career choices?

Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors, and what you think will happen when Paige returns to the WWE, in the comments below.

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