Johnny Weir Will Skate To ‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Songs With ‘Enough Demand’

Olympic skater Johnny Weir will skate to Agape and Eros if, “there is enough demand.” Calling all Yuri!!! On Ice fans, unite!

Yuri!!! On Ice has really taken the world by storm, even months after it has drawn its curtains over the last episode. Yuri!!! On Ice dominated 2016 in many ways, in that it resonated with many sports, shoujo, and anime fans across the world. Anime News Network reported that Yuri!!! On Ice was the most tweeted anime of the season, collecting 1,440,596 tweets, according to Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories. Yuri!!! On Ice also dominated the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2016, winning Best Boy, Best Animation, Most Heartwarming Scene, Best Couple, Best Opening, Best Ending, and even Best Anime of 2016.

In fact, not only has Yuri!!! On Ice impacted anime fans. Yuri!!! On Ice made quite an impression on professional figure skaters as well, such as champion Russian figure skater Evgenia Armanovna Medvedeva, who has been very vocal about her love for Yuri!!! On Ice via her Twitter page, and U.S. pro ice dancer Joseph Johnson, who just did a shocking “J.J. Style” on national television at their U.S. Nationals 2017 Kiss and Cry.

Yuri!!! On Ice fans would also know that champion American figure skater Johnny Weir has supported the anime throughout its run but this time, he has finally spoken about something that many fans have been fantasizing about, him doing a Yuri!!! On Ice program.

Many Yuri!!! On Ice fans have already tried pasting Johnny Weir’s performances on Eros and Agape songs but it looks like we don’t have to do this anymore since he, himself, could be willing to do it on his own.

In an interview with Crunchyroll, Johnny Weir answers some of the most interesting questions about skating and Yuri!!! On Ice that every YOI and Weir fan would like to hear.

When asked about what he loves about Yuri!!! On Ice, Weir answers.

“There’s so many things in the program that remind me of my career, or my friends, or the people that I’ve spent my life around. So it’s really special as a skater to see our little world appreciated through Yuri!!! On Ice.

Weir also shares that he, like many Yuri!!! On Ice fans, is very much in love with Victor Nikiforov. But if he has a favorite, it’s definitely Yuri Katsuki, a character, which he admits shares some similarities with his career and his struggles as a skater.

To the question, “Would you ever skate to a song from YOI?” Johnny Weir gives this intriguing answer.

“I love the music that Yuri!!! On Ice has chosen for Yuri’s performances and Yurio’s performances and Victor’s performance. But I’m an original, so I’m not so much a copycat. There are pieces that I love that I’ll skate to, that other people have skated to, but in general, I don’t think I’ll ever do it better than Yuri so I’m not going to take music from the show.

If Johnny Weir’s answer has let you down, there is a bit of a clincher at the end.

“However, if there is enough demand perhaps I shall try some eros or some agape one day.”

So what do you think will make Johnny Weir feel that there is “enough demand” from Yuri!!! On Ice fans to make him skate to Agape or Eros ala Yurio and Yuri? Maybe a petition? A public letter addressed to him? A court order?

Well whatever it is, let’s all cross our fingers and wait for Johnny Weir’s Eros or Agape rendition, and Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2.

You can watch Crunchyroll’s Yuri!!! On Ice reaction from Olympic Skater Johnny Weir video below.

[Featured Image by Robert Laberge/Getty Images]