Matt Damon Crashes ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ As Tom Brady, ‘The Great Wall’s Terrible CGI

Matt Damon sneaked onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, and this time he didn’t need any help from Ben Affleck, according to 247 Sports. The 46-year-old Boston native may be feuding with Kimmel and may not be welcome at his night talk show, but it doesn’t mean he has no creative plan on how to sneak onto the show.

The faux-feud between Matt Damon and Kimmel has been around for many years, and fans of the latter’s nighttime talk show seem to love it! In fact, it has been one of the most entertaining segments of Kimmel’s talk show.

Matt Damon has tried to sneak onto Kimmel’s talk show several times in the past few years, as Kimmel refuses to have the actor on his show citing personal reasons. But that has never stopped Damon from trying.

Probably the most prominent attempt was after the 2016 Oscars when Matt Damon asked his long-time pal, Ben Affleck, to sneak him onto the show in a “fat suit.”

On Monday, Matt Damon once again tried his luck. This time, the Martian actor was disguised as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, who was supposed to come on the show after winning Super Bowl LI.

At first, nobody thought there was anything fishy about Brady coming on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing a Brady jersey and an entire New England Patriots uniform. But when Kimmel asked the disguised-Matt Damon to explain why he had the full uniform on him, he said he had no time to change prior to his appearance.

“I just haven’t had time to change because I’ve been fired up. I kinda don’t ever want to take it off.”

When Kimmel figured out if wasn’t the future Hall of Fame quarterback standing in front of him and Matt Damon revealed his true identity, the actor yelled that he won the Super Bowl and won “your stupid show.” The host then fired back at Damon and said that he isn’t a guest on the show unless he sits on the couch, and asked security to drag the actor out of the studio.

It sure seems like Matt Damon accepted the challenge of sneaking into the show next time to sit on the couch. Technically, he did sit on that couch already last year, when Affleck sneaked him in his fat suit.

All jokes aside, Matt Damon must be proud of his hometown football team winning their fifth Super Bowl title, while his pal Brady has just won the Super Bowl MVP title.

It’s surprising that Matt Damon managed to find time for his gig at Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, as the actor must be preparing for the release of his new film The Great Wall, according to the Independent.

There’s a fair share of controversy surrounding the Zhang Yimou-directed film, which is set to hit theaters on February 17. Last year, the action-adventure film was accused of whitewashing for not casting a Chinese actor as the lead character instead of Matt Damon. And now critics are blasting the film for its terrible CGI.

Earlier this week, producers of the film tweeted out a teaser showing a battle between a beast and a soldier firing an arrow at it. Many social media users noted that the visual effects in that scene were a far cry from standards set for a studio film boasting a budget of $150 million, especially one starring a Hollywood star as big as Matt Damon.

Interestingly, shortly after tweets criticizing the visuals started rolling in, the teaser was taken down. There were users who managed to save the clip and share it on their own account, but these have since been removed on copyright grounds. Now, all that’s left of the original clip are some grainy still images.

Some Twitter users suggested that a fair share of those $150 million went to satisfy Matt Damon’s salary appetite.

Why did they make The Great Wall movie? Jaws 3 had better cgi.

— American Wolf (@American_Spooky) February 9, 2017

Interestingly, 2015’s Jurassic World, which was praised for its visuals, had an even smaller budget, $130 million.

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