What President Donald Trump Plans To Give George And Charlotte During U.K. Visit

President Donald Trump reportedly wants to give Prince George and Princess Charlotte gifts that they can actually use, and won’t be treated as mere displays when he visits the U.K. later this year. The Sunday Express reports that the 70-year-old plans to give the toddlers gifts that recognize their fascination for riding horses – Western cowboy saddles.

“He doesn’t just want to give them something that will sit at the back of a cupboard or gather dust on a mantelpiece. He wants to give them something he knows they will enjoy and use.”

Trump reportedly plans to have the saddles engraved with both the U.S. president’s seal and Queen Elizabeth’s seal to symbolize the bond between their homelands. America’s new leader recently told British Prime Minister Theresa May that he’s a “big fan” of the 90-year-old royal and would even love to play golf with her.

Donald Trump inauguration speech
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While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children are still too young to take in the issues surrounding them, surely they are used to receiving gifts. During their royal tour of Canada last year with their parents, George and Charlotte reportedly received more than 150 gifts, which included soft toys, books, shoes, hair clips, raincoats, aviation jackets, miniature ice hockey sticks, and even a preserved rose.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge holding Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge, being held by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at a children's party for Military families during the Royal Tour of Canada on September 29, 2016 in Victoria, Canada. [Image by Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images]

They might be the star attraction, but William and Kate similarly received more than 130 presents from that tour. Some of the quirky presents were tins of salmon, packets of cereal, and USB sticks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the couple a candlestick holder.

A few months before their royal tour, William and Kate went to India and Bhutan. The mother-of-two was gifted by Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan with a necklace, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the couple with a book, a shawl, a candle holder, and photographs.

These details have been revealed by the Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace’s published lists of presents received by the family in 2016.

Queen Elizabeth, of course, received her fair share of unique presents especially after celebrating her 90th birthday. She was sent a purple bag of salt, a porcelain tea seat, a travel rug, a mohair teddy bear, and even trees. When Korea celebrated its Lunar New Year, the country’s president sent the queen an array of Korean cosmetic products.

Even if the family is used to receiving fancy and sometimes unusual presents, nothing beats gestures from the heart. When Charlotte was born, members of her security team all chipped in to buy her a personalized print.

When Will Trump Visit The Royal Family?

It isn’t known yet when Trump will visit the U.K., but police chief Sir Bernard Hogan Howe confirmed to the Independent that the visit could take place “around June.”

“First of all, I think President Trump is coming around June, that’s the plan. At the moment, people are concerned there will be lots of protests. There have been protests already. We’ve had about 20,000 people about 10 days ago at Whitehall – all very peaceful.”

Following Trump’s executive order that temporarily banned people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., thousands in London have marched in protest. A signature petition also emerged asking the prime minister to cancel the visit.

The police chief takes the possibility of protests into consideration and plans to have adequate police officers on duty during Trump’s visit.

“I’ve no doubt, as the days pass, we’ll make assessments on what’s going to happen, so we can’t definitely say there will be huge amounts of problems. No doubt we’ll put a lot of officers out there and keep them safe and make sure everything goes well. If there is a few thousand officers, it’s likely to be quite a bit of money.”

According to the Telegraph, Trump’s advisers are discussing how to save money during the visit and one of the suggestions is for Trump to visit a mass rally in Birmingham where the audience would have to pay a minimal fee to enter. The profits will then go to the Royal British Legion.

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