Ciara Gets Down To Whitney Houston And Her Baby Bump Moves Are Awesome [Video]

Ciara isn’t about to let her growing baby bump slow her down and she proved it by sharing an awesome Instagram video Saturday morning. The clip shows a very pregnant Ciara grooving to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” as she wanders from room to room, shimmying, shaking, and pausing to give her son Future Jr. a quick kiss. At one point Ciara even leaps over the back of the couch which is impressive enough for someone who isn’t pregnant let alone someone who is near their due date.

Check it out:

Ciara dances, goes make up free during pregnancy.
Ciara went makeup free on Wednesday to the MAKERS conferences. Ciara has been embracing her pregnancy with husband Russell Wilson. [Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for AOL]

Ciara made headlines earlier this week when she showed up on the red carpet of the 2017 MAKERS Conference sporting no makeup and wet hair. The normally fashion-conscious singer seemed to be taking a play out of Alicia Keys’ playbook. Like Keys, Ciara went against the grain of stereotypical convention in which women are expected to be completely dolled up for events. Her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, seemed not to notice Ciara’s lack of makeup or hair product, focusing instead on her natural beauty when he posted an Instagram photo of her from the conference.

Ciara and Russell Wilson married in July and within three months, the couple, who had been celibate while dating, announced Ciara was pregnant with their first child together, also via Instagram.

While this is Ciara’s first child with Wilson, this is actually her second pregnancy. In 2014, Ciara gave birth to a son she had with then boyfriend rapper Future. Future and Ciara broke up shortly after the birth of Future Jr. and the ex-couple has had quite the tumultuous co-parenting experience. Both Ciara and Future have filed lawsuits against each other, battled for custody over Future Jr., and at one point Ciara even sought a restraining order fearing that Future was threatening Russell Wilson.

Despite that animosity, however, Ciara embraced the changes her body went through during her pregnancy with Future Jr, focusing on the positivity of having a child rather than the negativity of her relationship with the child’s father. During her first pregnancy, Ciara, like many other notable celebrities, participated in a photo shoot at eight months pregnant. At the time, while being interviewed by W, Ciara candidly discussed her body image.

“It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough,” Ciara said. “I like not being so perfect.”

Ciara dances to Whitney Houston with huge baby bump.
Ciara has joyfully flaunted her baby bump since announcing her pregnancy in October. [Image by Frederick Brown/Getty Images]

Of course, shortly after she gave birth to Future Jr., Ciara was back to working out to lose the baby weight. According to Us Weekly, Ciara took off 60 pounds in just four months. The singer said she was back on the treadmill as soon as her doctor gave her the go ahead to exercise again. Then she switched to a personal trainer and was working out three times a day, five days a week.

The workouts and desire to stay in shape more than likely has helped Ciara stay so limber for her current pregnancy, giving her the ability to pull off the dance moves she showed today. Besides the dancing, Ciara appears not to be letting lugging a baby bump around keep her from social events either.

Ciara and Russell Wilson frequently make the rounds at Seattle Children’s Hospital, visiting cancer patients just two weeks ago. And along with snapping photos of Ciara’s makeup free appearance at the MAKERS Conference on Wednesday, photographers also caught up with Ciara and Russell Wilson Friday night as they roamed the streets of West Hollywood. And though not nominated this time around, Ciara is expected to be at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for AOL]