Tom Hiddleston Gushes Over Taylor Swift — Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

If Tom Hiddleston’s recent GQ interview is any indication, Hiddleswift may not be as defunct as he and Taylor Swift have declared and there’s no denying that fans would love to see a romantic reunion for Tom and his paramour, Taylor Swift. Hiddleston spent a considerable portion of that latest interview swooning over Swift and dismissing rumors that their relationship had been staged for publicity purposes. In fact, The Avengers actor seems to still be swooning over Swift, as he opens up about their short-lived romance and his awestruck view of Taylor.

Deciphering Tom Hiddleston’s Taylor Swift Comments

The Hiddleswift romance was the talk of last year’s summer and, as the Washington Post reports, that may have been the problem. Tom Hiddleston’s affectionate nature and his public displays toward Taylor Swift drew media attention and fan support from the very beginning of their relationship. The attention and PDAs drew so much attention, in fact, that fans began to suspect the entire relationship was a sham, a farce enacted as a publicity stunt.

Sources close to Taylor Swift say that attention was the reason for the break-up, suggesting that Taylor was uncomfortable with that much interest in her personal life. As Hiddleston and Swift went their separate ways, the idea that Swift felt shamed by the media coverage was reinforced when Swift quietly backed away from the spotlight.

Tom’s recent interview directs attention to the gossip, giving the Avengers star an opportunity to set the record straight. He says he understands why Taylor basically went into hiding, backing away from everything that would focus the spotlight back upon her. He says it was a natural instinct for Swift to back away, feeling preyed upon by the media for her relationship with him.

“It’s to be less, to make yourself smaller, to diminish in size and volume,” says Hiddleston of feeling attacked. “And the lesson of 2016 is we have to love more, we have to risk more, we have to be braver, we have to be more outspoken.”

While Ms. Swift may be guarded with what she shares with the public, Tom Hiddleston is far less concerned with public sentiment, sharing his thoughts and feelings freely.

“Taylor is an amazing woman,” Tom adds. “She’s generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time.”

By all accounts, Hiddleston still thinks highly of Taylor Swift, and sources suggest that, if the “Bad Blood” singer desired it, Hiddleswift would be back on, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Expect A Response From Taylor Swift

I forgot to post this yesterday, but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY @twhiddleston!! ❤ #HiddleSwift

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Fans expecting Taylor Swift to publicly respond to Tom Hiddleston may be in for a long wait. Ms. Swift is becoming more and more concerned with security and privacy in her life, and, as Us Weekly reports, that includes other aspects of Taylor’s life, aside from her romances. Fellow musical artist Ed Sheeran recently described the great lengths to which he had to go, just in collaborating with Swift on one song.

To begin, Sheeran says Taylor wouldn’t even let him hear her new music, unless she was in the same room with him. There would be no sending samples via email or through an online site.

The situation was even more strange when Sheeran collaborated with Swift on “Everything Has Changed,” which appears on Taylor Swift’s 2012 album, Red.

“I remember when I did a song with her for her album, I was in San Francisco and they sent someone with a locked briefcase with an iPad and one song on it, and they flew to San Francisco and played the song I’ve done with her. And they asked if I like it, and I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then they took it back. That’s how I hear it.”

Taylor has previously spoken publicly about her concerns, which, to some, may seem a bit too paranoid. She worries about undiscovered wiretaps in all of her electronic devices and has even said that it upsets her just to discuss it in public interviews.

The biggest causes for concern are cell phones and stereo speakers, says Swift. She goes on to explain her suspicion of speakers.

“Like speakers,” Taylor said. “Speakers put sound out … so can’t they take sound in? Or they can turn this [cellphone] on, right? I’m just saying. We don’t even know.”

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