Kate Middleton, Now 35, Looks Dramatically Younger, What’s Her Secret?

Kate Middleton recently had a milestone birthday, turning 35 just a month ago. As a busy mother with two children, how has she suddenly managed to look so radiant, wiping away a decade? Has she had some work done? What are her secrets to the fountain of youth and can other women try what she is doing, or is this a secret royal beauty hack?

Kate Middleton may have turned 35 on January 9, but it looks like she’s magically turned back the clock a decade. Sounds like Duchess Catherine has upgraded her makeup routine and the results are spectacular! Her face looks lighter and younger because she has ditched the harsh lines of eyeliner that she previously wore as well as the pink powder blush and exchanged them for a streamlined eyeliner and dewy skincare products.

Despite having a team of experts helping her create the “Kate effect,” it appears she was in a long-term beauty rut that was unintentionally aging her, and people noticed. On a previous occasion, fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood had commented that the Duchess of Cambridge’s perchance for crisp eyeliner hardened her look. Although the avant-garde designer was the key player in the punk fashion movement, which included very dark eye makeup with harsh lines, she suggested that Kate would look much better with a softer or bare look.

“The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.”

While it is not clear what inspired the Duchess of Cambridge to now dramatically change her beauty routine, whether she splurged on a birthday beauty makeover or if her royal beauty team has coaxed her to make some small changes, in any case, the results are transformational. Kate now has dewy skin and bright eyes that make her look dramatically younger.

Perhaps to the ordinary person, the reason for Kate looking so youthful is not so obvious, but to professionals, it is clear what changes she has made to her beauty routine.

The Daily Mail recently reported observations made by makeup artist Niki McEwan about the styling transformation of Kate Middleton. The beauty expert immediately points out that her eye makeup has now dramatically changed from the past.

“You can see her eye makeup has changed quite dramatically.”

The beauty and fashion expert further explained the tip to keep your eyes looking youthful is to lighten up the under eye area to make the face look fresh and bright.

“As your skin matures you want your under eye area to look as clean, bright and fresh as possible. The more light you can allow under your eye the more refreshed, refined and youthful your under-eye area will look.”

McEwan advised that lining the eyes can pile on the years. By removing the solid eyeliner, her eyes open up and she looks remarkably younger. When women are younger, looking a bit older is not a problem, yet women after the age of 35 may not want to add on any more years.

“Any dark eye makeup can translate to a heaviness around the eyes, give a look of dark circles and also at times accentuate signs of ageing. Eyeliner in particular can add years onto a perhaps youthful eye.”

Although the punky looks of Chrissy Hynde are now in vogue, the makeup artist explains how outlining eyes with harsh black eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller. As women get older, the dark circles under the eye age women and wearing eyeliner further ages them. By using concealers, the eyes are brightened and the result is a youthful look.

“It makes the eye look smaller and darker and of course this is what we want to avoid as we mature. This is where good correctors, concealers and highlighters can work wonders to brighten your under eye area.”

Also speaking to the Daily Mail, Samantha Mercer, owner of The Dollz, declared that the Duchess of Cambridge has a fresh new look.

“Kate has definitely embraced a ‘softer and fresher look.”

Mercer, a makeup expert, explains that by simply changing beauty products, Kate Middleton looks transformed. She has stopped using powder blush and now has gone with a soft creme blush that makes her skin look luminescent.

“By changing a few things in her makeup routine she’s managed to transform herself.”

As a professional in the beauty industry, Mercer acknowledges that Kate, like many women, is a busy mother with very little time to take care of herself. This simple beauty hack of changing makeup can update her look without taking time away from her family.

“Kate’s now a mother-of-two two now and I don’t expect she has much time to get ready everyday.”

The simple trick is knowing what areas to highlight and where to apply blush, and this DIY trick can be done by the Duchess on any given day without any need for professional help.

“When she’s not being pampered by a make-up artist she needs something quick and easy to do herself and with her perfect skin she really doesn’t need to be adding much coverage, just highlighting in the right places and a touch of pink blush.”

Mercer is impressed with the new look and agrees with all that Kate Middleton looks incredible.

“I’m sure everyone will agree that she looks fantastic and her new look is much more suited to her.”

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s beauty hack that now makes her look dramatically younger? Will you consider trying some of her same beauty tricks?

[Featured Image by Stephen Pond/Getty Images]