‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Julie Chen Teases A Fan Favorite’s Return?

Are you ready for Big Brother 19?

Julie Chen posted a picture to her Instagram account that has the Big Brother fans speculating about who could be returning to the summer reality TV show.

Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother, posted a picture of Frank Eudy with the caption,” Mood, Waiting for #Summer. Anyone else ready for #BB19?”

Immediately, the Big Brother fans responded that they couldn’t wait until the show returned. Fans flooded Julie’s Instagram with questions about when they will announce the new cast and who will come back to the show this year.

Mood, waiting for #Summer. Anyone else ready for #BB19? ????????

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Because Julie shared a picture of Frank, who appeared on Big Brother 14 and 18, the fans immediately speculated whether it was a hint that Eudy could be returning to the series this summer.

It is still too early for CBS to announce who may be returning to the series for Big Brother 19. According to Big Brother Casting, CBS is still looking for the perfect houseguests.

“We are now accepting applications for season 19. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered. As always, our team will be traveling the country again this year searching for great game players. Please check back soon for open calls and events in a city near you.”

If Big Brother 19 is anything like previous seasons, they will announce the cast in June, days before they go into the house. The four players will be announced on the day of the first episode.

The past few Big Brother seasons, they asked four players from previous season to come back and play. It has been the standard since Big Brother 13. However, the show’s motto is to “expect the unexpected,” so it is possible that they will have either an all-star cast or no returning players all together.

Several years ago, Julie Chen addressed whether Big Brother planned ever to have another all-star’s edition. The fans seemed to like the idea overall, but Julie was hesitant about committing to the notion.

Chen explained that Big Brother All-Stars was the lowest rated season. She wasn’t sure CBS would agree to another season with all returning players. Julie added that the network compromised by allowing them to ask four players to return every year. CBS suggested that it was “the best of both worlds.”

#WWHL with the Calafiore boys!

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Julie’s Instagram post put the Big Brother fans in panic mode about the possibility of Frank Eudy returning to the house. Many fans stated they wanted anyone to come back, before Eudy. He stirred up controversy last season with the way he treated Da’Vonne Rogers.

Julie never commented in her Instagram post to explain why she used Frank’s picture. It could be as simple as she liked his picture and thought it represented a sad look, which could be the way Big Brother fans feel about not having live feeds to watch. There’s also the small chance that she used Frank’s picture because she has inside information about which former player will return for Big Brother 19.

It will be another four long months before Big Brother lets us know who will appear in the summer reality TV show. Do you think Frank could be returning this season? Will we see James Huling again this year? Who do you hope comes back or would you like an all new cast? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

Big Brother 19 returns in June to CBS. Don’t forget to sign up for CBS All Access so you can watch the houseguests, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all summer long.

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