‘An Uncommon Grace’: Hallmark Movie–Forbidden Romance, Crime In Amish Country

An Uncommon Grace is a fresh new movie that is scheduled to debut on Hallmark Movies And Mysteries (HMM). The high drama romance film is directed by David Mackay and written by David Golden. It is based on the novel by Serena B. Miller. An Uncommon Grace has a unique cast lineup, including Jes Macallan as Grace Conner, Sean Faris as Levi Troyer, Kelly McGillis as Elizabeth Conner, Hillary Horvath as Becky Conner, Pamela Daly as Claire Miller, Isaacs Julien Kimbrough as Albert Miller, Isabel Young as Sarah Miller, Tom Luce as Bishop Weaver, and Emily Anne Basso as Zillah Weaver.

Synopsis Of An Uncommon Grace On Hallmark Movies And Mysteries (HMM)

Grace Conner is an Army nurse who has just come home from active duty. Stationed in Afghanistan, being home in rural Ohio is a much-needed change. Grace loves rural life. It gives her the peace and serenity that she craves. However, she also loves serving her country and helping people in need. Now, she is pondering over whether to re-enlist in the Army or whether to stay in Ohio.

In a strange turn of events, Grace Conner gets her answer in a way that she could have never imagined. Her tranquil country life is disrupted after a neighbor named Levi comes to her home frantically searching for help for his wounded mother, a pregnant woman who was shot in her home by an intruder. The woman’s husband was killed in the attack.

Grace quickly rushes to the scene and is able to stabilize the wounded mother. The baby that she carried inside of her was born healthy and strong. It’s a sad and joyous event that is further complicated after Levi and Grace are instantly attracted to each other. The problem is Levi is an Amish farmer who is dedicated to the Amish faith, and Grace is a woman of the world.

Being associates, let alone lovers, is forbidden in their Amish sect. His romantic feelings for Grace can quickly lead to shunning from the Amish community.

Meanwhile, police investigators are trying to solve the home invasion case. They have a lead that suggests it was a wayward local youth who had been serving time in prison.

Zillah, the Bishop’s daughter, has her eye on Levi, and the Bishop does everything possible to convince Levi to marry her. But when it is suspected that Levi and Grace have fallen for each other–a relationship that would be strictly prohibited, Levi is at risk of losing his good standing in the Amish town.

But threats of punishment and shunning won’t work this time. Levi has been battling the bishop for a while over things such as technology and the use of a cellphone, which Levi believes could be helpful in an emergency. Now love is at stake, and Levi has grown tired of all of the strenuous rules that keep the Amish society captive.

The general belief is that the Amish people must try to maintain a pure society and have unshakable faith in God. Now is the time for Levi to make a weighty decision: should he stay in Amish country or will he break free to be with his forbidden lover, Grace?

An Uncommon Grace is a beautiful plot that is wonderfully executed in the film. It has two stories intertwined in one: the forbidden love story and a crime mystery. It is a real and detailed look inside of conservative Amish life.

An Uncommon Grace On Hallmark Movies and Mysteries was filmed in Horse Cave, Kentucky. The production credit goes to Horse & Buggy Productions and American Cinema Inspires (ACI). Ali Jazayeri and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy executive produced the film.

Hallmark viewers will have to tune in to see if the movie will stick close to the book’s version. Readers describe the novel by the same name as a riveting read. An authentic and deep story that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

According to Portsmouth Daily Times, An Uncommon Grace will premiere on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel on Sunday, February 12, at 9/8 p.m. Central.

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