WWE News: John Cena’s In-Ring Retirement Coming Soon

John Cena is currently holding the WWE Championship for the sixteenth time, and at the height of his WWE career, it may be the best time for his in-ring career to come to an end soon. It’s infamous for a quarterback to end a Hall of Fame career with a championship. For WWE, that would be the equivalent of winning the WWE title in your last match or putting someone over at Wrestlemania to pay it forward one final time.

In John Cena’s case, he already tied Ric Flair’s historic record of sixteen world title reigns at Royal Rumble a few weeks back. It’s a given that he’ll be breaking that record eventually in the near future, but the length and quality of his title reign may suffer due to his commitments to Hollywood and outside projects. Cena has been insistent that he won’t leave WWE, but his schedule says otherwise over the past two years.

Since 2015, he’s missed a lot of time on WWE television because of injuries and outside commitments. The quality of his in-ring work is fantastic when he’s around, and his feud with AJ Styles is a perfect example of that. However, he’s set to take another hiatus from WWE after Wrestlemania 33, so how much longer will he be able to make these runs in the ring? Eventually, he will be forced to choose, and retirement may be the best option.

John Cena Will Be Teaming With Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33
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According to a recent report, John Cena may be wrestling his last year in WWE as a full-time performer. In the future, he’s likely to be featured in the same way that Brock Lesnar has been on WWE television. He will work a specific feud and be around for the big WWE PPVs, but his future as a full-time wrestler is coming to an end sooner rather than later. However, he’s a potential injury or a huge movie role away from retirement.

The truth is that John Cena’s limited schedule will be a great thing for the WWE roster and product. He and AJ Styles are on another level right now on WWE television, so Cena’s absence will be a big hit to the roster, but it also opens up a huge window of opportunity for other WWE Superstars to elevate their game to Cena’s level. That will create a lot of new feuds when John Cena returns for a new feud, which will keep him fresh.

Not only that, but a match with John Cena will become an exciting and more important thing on WWE TV because it will happen more rarely. Of course, a wrestler could always be one big injury away from calling it a career. On paper, the limited schedule may preserve Cena’s career to last much longer than it would if he continued to wrestle in WWE on a full-time basis. At that rate, Cena may be around for another decade.

John Cena Could Become a Part-Time Wrestler
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The expectation is Cena will be dropping the WWE Championship during the Elimination Chamber match to Bray Wyatt or another WWE Superstar if the powers that be are planning a swerve at the PPV. It has been rumored that he will be teaming with Nikki Bella against The Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania. The match will most likely be Nikki Bella’s retirement match because she’s having some neck issues after her surgery.

After Wrestlemania 33, long-term plans for John Cena are unknown. His retirement is inevitable, but Cena is now a man with options outside of WWE. That is why he continues to get asked about his WWE future in light of all his success. His retirement from WWE is only a matter of time and choice, but John Cena’s career in wrestling is slowing down. Cena will always be around WWE in some way, but being an active competitor in the ring may not last much longer.

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