Thousands Participate In ‘Moral March’: Many Issues Find A Voice

Thousands marched in Raleigh, North Carolina, Saturday morning in the Moral March. Many are wondering what, exactly, that means. Those marching seemed to rally behind many issues currently facing our country. However, amid the host of issues, certain ones have stood out as major fighting points for the march.

One major issue: ACA.

Reports, and social media sites, have recently shown that many U.S. citizens are concerned about the future of ACA–that is, the Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare.” The Inquirer claimed that the fate of Obamacare is one of the “most important policy issues” facing Congress and President Trump. The news source further stated that there has been a recent “upsurge” in the ACA’s popularity, since “more people have begun to realize what losing it could mean;” before Trump came along, they said, the Democrats did a “clumsy” job of explaining the legislation.

Another issue? Opposition to the immigration ban and the border wall.

Even though Trump is being fought by courts and judges on the refugee ban, many Americans are still concerned. This past week proved a critical time for the issue, with President Trump finding conflict at every turn. UPROXX reported that Trump plans to wait until Monday or Tuesday to officially announce where he plans to go from here. They said, however, that the White House did release a response to the court’s ruling.

“White House and Justice Department officials began mulling several options as new Attorney General Jeff Sessions was briefed on the matter. They could rewrite the order in hopes that modifications would help it pass legal muster. They could ask the Supreme Court or the full 9th Circuit to intervene immediately. Or they could wage a battle in the lower courts, hoping that judges considering more squarely whether the issue ran afoul of the Constitution would land on Trump’s side.”

Many are also concerned about women’s rights and the threat to defund Planned Parenthood.

Pro-choice, pro-abortion activists worry that the funding of Planned Parenthood is at stake. Some women find this to be another attack on women’s rights. Planned Parenthood offers, among other things, abortions and birth control, according to Charleston Post and Currier.

Numerous pro-life advocates are participating in a counter-marches–some occurring in other areas of the country–instead arguing that Planned Parenthood be defunded. One protester, Scott Presler, stood among a crowd, holding a poster which read “Planned Genocide.” The argument to defund Planned Parenthood has become a passionate issue. The Inquisitr reported in January that recent polls reveal over 50 percent of Americans oppose “all or most abortions.”

Furthermore, Life Site weighed in on the PP issue, stating that a recent undercover study shows that Planned Parenthood “masquerades as a primary health care organization, when they are actually an abortion corporation.” The news source linked to a viral video by Live Action which suggested that, according to Planned Parenthood organizations, they do not offer prenatal care–even though various leaders in the corporation have repeatedly emphasized their commitment to such counseling.

“Planned Parenthood and its spokespersons — both official and unofficial — often tout prenatal services as a reason NOT to defund Planned Parenthood. […] These unchallenged claims were the impetus behind Live Action’s investigation where 97 Planned Parenthood facilities were called — many which published ‘prenatal services’ in bold text under the page ‘Pregnancy Testing & Services’ on their websites.”

Whether the issue was immigration, women’s rights, abortion, Planned Parenthood, defunding or ACA–or even another issue–the Moral March was filled with various individuals who felt that it was their right and responsibility to speak out.

[Featured Image by Zach Gibson/Getty Images]