Nick Cannon Nearly Fired From ‘AGT’ Over ‘Black Card’ Joke On ‘Howard Stern’

Nick Cannon was nearly on the unemployment line — sort of. According to a TMZ report, the America’s Got Talent host nearly got fired by NBC officials over a joke. Apparently, Nick did a bit of Wild ‘N Out to a former “AGT” judge that didn’t sit too well with the brass.

The incident that nearly got Nick Cannon fired took place more than a month ago. The news is just making its way on gossip and celebrity news sites.

Nick was a guest on The Howard Stern Show where he promoted a standup comedy special for Showtime. During his visit, Cannon joked that NBC was forcing him to get rid of his “black card” and wanted him to exhibit less cool aka swag during his AGT hosting duties.

Howard Stern probed Nick over his concerns about any potential fallout from his standup material. Cannon responded in a comedic fashion, according to New York Daily News.

“If they fire me… then I can sue them then I can create a whole controversy, NBC hates black people.”

Reportedly, one thing led to another and it didn’t take long for NBC officials to learn about his statements. Insiders said Nick Cannon and his bosses discussed the incident and they were fired up that he allegedly violated terms of his contract.

Apparently, Nick has wording in his deal that prohibits disparaging the network. In short, he’s not supposed to speak about the company without expressed approval.

Super secret informants said the supposed “breach of contract” led to “serious discussions” and the network considered terminating Nick Cannon over his remarks on “Stern.”

In the end, “cooler heads prevailed,” as the gossip site reports. The matter was dismissed simply as Nick talking jazz talk and making a passing comment — no harm, no foul. Apparently, because Cannon is liked by the organization, all was forgiven.

Nick recently opened up about his ex-wife’s relationship with “boy toy” backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. Rumors have recently cropped up that suggest Mariah’s romance with Brian is all for show, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

After breaking off her engagement to billionaire boyfriend, James Packer, Carey found “love” again with a man several years her junior. Mariah is often seen looking all loved up in pictures with her new boyfriend.

However, not all of the public is buying it; there is a growing rumor that the romance is part of an elaborate publicity stunt that coincides with Mariah’s new reality TV series. Reportedly, Nick Cannon is in the doubter’s corner and calling the hookup “fake.”

During his Howard Stern appearance, the America’s Got Talent host didn’t hold back any punches when he shared his thoughts on the matter. To Nick, Carey and Tanaka’s relationship isn’t legit and appears as if it’s part of a Hollywood script.

“You can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s*** doesn’t happen. I don’t even get into it. It feels like they wrote the story. That s*** is like a soap opera. ‘I don’t buy none of that s***.”

Nick ended his marriage of eight years with Mariah months ago after a somewhat bitter divorce. The good news is that the couple has agreed to remain on friendly terms for the sake the children. Nick has twins with the “Butterfly” singer: 5-year-old Monroe and Moroccan, a daughter and son.

Insiders say Mariah “cooked up the plot” with Tanaka after her split with Packer when she learned Nick had moved on with a longtime friend. Cannon and Brittany Bell are also expecting a baby together, according to Fox News.

Do you think Nick Cannon deserves to be fired over his “black card” remarks?

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