WWE News: WWE NXT Star Eric Young Helps Triple H Accomplish A 10-Year Mission

WWE NXT star Eric Young has been doing well since arrival to the yellow brand, but his biggest accomplishment may have already happened when he helped Triple H accomplish a mission of his that has taken him a decade to finally do. Eric Young is a former TNA World Champion and has been all over the world, working with some of the best promotions around. The end goal for him was to eventually end up with WWE, which he has managed to do finally.

He is not the only TNA name to jump over as Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and AJ Styles all went to WWE in the last few years. Even James Storm had a cup of coffee in NXT before going back to TNA. EY was the big cat that WWE wanted to get in, as Triple H had plans in place for him for some time. When Young became available, it was seen as a huge opportunity for both WWE and obviously Eric Young himself.

He and Bobby Roode were available around the same time, and EY made an appearance for one night before going on to do other things. Meanwhile, Roode finally signed on and would get involved in programming. However, the world waited to see what would come of Eric Young as we all knew WWE loved the man knowing what he was capable of from his time in TNA. Apparently, they had bigger plans for them than we all assumed.

Sanity NXT
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The group SANITY would debut with Eric Young being the leader. Randoms from NXT like Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe would join him along with an up and coming female performer in Nikki Cross. Eventually, Killian Dane would take Fulton’s spot. WWE NXT has seen this group dominate since their arrival and Eric Young has gotten over well. However, the group is most likely going to be used a great deal and Young may become one of NXT top stars due to it.

Eric Young would do a diary for ESPN during NXT Takeover: San Antonio, it was there that he let the cat out of the bag regarding Triple H’s role in all of this. He would claim Triple H had the idea for SANITY for around ten years, saying…

“I guess he’s had this idea for, I think, going on 10 years now. He’s tried a couple of different kind of ways, and it never really made it to TV because it didn’t feel right.”

HHH Stephanie McMahon
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Eric Young would go on to say that apparently, The Game wanted Eric Young to lead this stable years ago after he saw a promo of his out of TNA Wrestling. He saw a promo where Young acted like a complete lunatic and felt that this character being done by this man in this stable could be good. Triple H apparently had his eye on Eric Young for years, and this is most likely due to his friend Kevin Nash.

Nash worked for TNA for quite a while and he would tell Triple H about some of the guys in the company to check out, and of course, that was what led him to Eric Young. Triple H apparently loved what Eric brought to the table and was very excited about bringing him into the company, mainly because he had big plans for him that he hoped Young could deliver on.

So far, Eric Young has done well with all he has been given, but many think that he will end up getting more opportunities as time goes on. It seems pretty obvious that Triple H will ensure that SANITY and EY get opportunities to show what they can do. The Game will do all he can to get the group and Eric Young over with the group, so we will have to wait and see what comes of it. It is clear EY deserves a shot in WWE, and Triple H is willing to give it.

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