‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Demand Cristina Yang Back Amid Sandra Oh Return Hints

Grey’s Anatomy fans are urging creator Shonda Rhimes to bring back fan favorite character Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, after the cast of the drama dropped big hints the actress could be heading back to the show.

Fans of the longrunning ABC medical drama have made no secret of their wishes to see Sandra bring Cristina back to Grey’s Anatomy after she left the series in 2014, and now many are demanding Rhimes bring back Oh on social media shortly after the show’s cast spoke out about her possible return.

A number of viewers haven’t shied away from making their feelings very clear on Twitter, sending a slew of messages to Shonda to bring back Oh as Yang, particularly after the character’s former husband Owen (Kevin McKidd) underwent a serious marriage crisis with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

“Hi @shondarhimes, we want Cristina again in Grey’s Anatomy,” Grey’s fan @alwayswithorito wrote of their wishes to see Oh bring back Yang, while @tenisha_gomez added, “honestly I’d be happy if they just brought Cristina back @shondarhimes,” shortly after both Jason George and Kevin McKidd teased her return.

Grey's Anatomy fans are making it clear they want Sandra Oh to return

“@GreysABC bring back Cristina and Callie and the real Grey’s, would you?? PLEASE?!?!” @treehillgomez tweeted out of Yang’s possible return to Grey Sloan Memorial while @dryangx added, “@shondarhimes YOU SHOULD BRING BACK CRISTINA YANG PLEASE, I CAN STAND ANOTHER SECOND WITHOUT HER.”

The demands also come after Variety announced that Grey’s Anatomy has officially been picked up for Season 14, prompting fans to urge Shonda to plan ahead for Cristina’s possible return next season.

“I hope to see Cristina coming back to the show in season 14 @shondarhimes,” @saranicoleoxox wrote after the Grey’s Anatomy season renewal was revealed, and @__mjbella added, “Damn Grey’s was renewed for a 14th season!! Can we just bring Cristina back for a few episodes? Plz? @shondarhimes.”

“Hey sis since Grey’s got renewed bring Cristina back! I’ll sweep your house @shondarhimes,” @ReemCth added amid the Cristina Yang return speculation.

Grey's Anatomy fans demand Sandra Oh bring back Cristina Yang after Kevin McKidd hints at her return

Grey’s Anatomy fans’ demand to see Sandra Oh return as Cristina Yang come after a whole lot of speculation as to whether the character could actually be back this season, with Sandra’s former Grey’s co-stars even chiming in on her possible return in recent months.

Jason George, who plays Ben Warren on Grey’s Anatomy, spoke out about Sandra heading back to the drama last month, admitting that he already has big plans for how his character Ben and Cristina could interact on Grey’s Anatomy should she return.

George told Entertainment Tonight that he would actually “love” to see Ben “have an argument with Yang” if Sandra did find herself back on the set, pointing out that he “never really got to have any really meaningful scenes” with Sandra prior to her exit in 2014.

“I would love nothing more than for Sandra Oh to come back,” Jason added of his former Grey’s Anatomy co-star.

The actor’s confessions about wanting to see Sandra return to Grey’s as Cristina came shortly after Oh’s fellow former co-star Kevin McKidd, who still stars on the drama as Owen Hunt, admitted that there’s a possibility Sandra could actually appear in the currently airing Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy in flashback scenes.

Though the Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew, including Shonda Rhimes, have stayed tight-lipped following Kevin’s tease, McKidd did admit last year that he believes there’s a chance Yang could actually pop up in a few episodes somewhere down the line.

Kevin made the surprising confession about Sandra’s possible return as Cristina in an interview with Digital Spy back in September, teasing last year that he has actually spoken to Oh about bringing back her character to Grey Sloan Memorial in upcoming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I’d love it if she came back, I think she might eventually for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes,” he said at the time of Sandra’s return to Grey’s. “I don’t think she’d come back for anything long term, but who the hell knows?”

Would you like to see Sandra Oh bring back Cristina Yang to Grey’s Anatomy, if only for a few episodes?

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