Anna Nicole Smith’s Death: Haunting Reveal As Bodyguard Breaks Decade Of Silence

The official report from the coroner has Anna Nicole Smith’s death listed as a drug overdose. Now that a decade has passed since Anna Nicole was found dead in a Florida hotel room, her long-time bodyguard and friend has revealed another the factor that led to her death.

The death of Anna Nicole Smith is haunting her sisters and her bodyguard today, as the family and friends of the celebrity look back at the last months, weeks and days of her life. Anyone who really knew Anna Nicole and who loved her is haunted today by the downward spiral that led up to her death.

Anna Nicole Smith Bodyguard Opens Up About Her Death
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While her sisters feel she lost herself in drugs, which is what the coroners report indicates, Anna Nicole’s bodyguard said there was also another precursor to her death and it may be what actually killed her. Bodyguard Cory Ardizzone has broken his decade of silence about his client, but most of all his friend, Anna Nicole Smith.

Ardizzone believes that Anna Nicole died of a broken heart. Five months before her death, her son Daniel was found dead of an overdose. Her bodyguard goes on to say that Daniel was everything to Anna Nicole, her world revolved around her son.

Ardizzone cites Anna Nicole’s choice of not flying being based upon Daniel not flying. If he didn’t fly, neither would Anna Nicole. According to an archived article from Us Magazine, it was just three days after Anna Nicole gave birth to Dannielynn, that her son Daniel died.

Daniel Smith, 20, died of an accidental drug overdose. He was found dead in his mother’s hospital while visiting his 3-day-old baby sister.

This turned one of the happiest times of Anna Nicole’s life into a world full of dread. She couldn’t handle the death of her son. Ardizzone broke his decade of silence around Anna Nicole’s death to say that he truly believed she died of broken heart after her son Daniel was found dead.

Ardizzone gave this interview to Las Vegas columnist Norm Clark this week, after years of refusing interviews about the death of Smith. Anna Nicole’s two sisters, Donna Hogan and Amy Chapman also spoke about their famous sister this week after they’ve been haunted by Anna Nicole’s death since she’s been gone.

Hogan said that while Anna Nicole really loved life, you sometimes wouldn’t know this because of all the “pills and everything.” Hogan and Chapman could only watch their sister spiral downward from afar, reports Yahoo News.

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Oddly enough, Dannielynn doesn’t know her two aunts or her grandmother, Anna Nicole Smith’s mother, Virgie Smith. Anna Nicole’s mother hasn’t seen her granddaughter in seven years. According to Larry Birkhead, Dannielynn’s father, Virgie was and still is always welcomed to visit Dannielynn, she was asked to just give them a call first before showing up.

Anna Nicole’s sisters are hoping to have a relationship with Dannielyn as she gets older. At the same time, nothing was said about any plans on how they will do this or even when they will attempt to reach out to their niece.

One of the events in Anna Nicole’s life that exploded in the headlines was her marriage to billionaire J. Howard Marshall. She married him in 1994 and he died at 90 in 1995. She was not named in his will, but fought a battle in court against his two sons who were not about to give up a chunk of their father’s fortune to Anna Nicole.

Anna Nicole died in 2007 at the age of 39 and in 2011 a ruling on the J. Howard Marshall case was handed down, which denied Anna Nicole’s estate any money from J. Howard Marshall’s mass fortune. Anna Nicole Smith was often described as a person who led a very colorful life.

According to the New York Daily News, Anna Nicole Smith met her son’s father when working at a fried chicken restaurant as a waitress after dropping out of high school. She married Billy Wayne Smith in April of 1985, just a few months after first meeting this cook at the restaurant.

After she was married she worked as a stripper, but sent pictures to Playboy Magazine and soon she broke into the modeling world. Her uncanny resemblance to Jayne Mansfield was noted throughout the years. After being named Playmate of the Year in 1993, she appeared in many magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, W and Vanity Fair, to name a few.

While science declared the drugs she took ended her life, it was her broken heart over her son’s death that she really died from, cites a man who knew her well – her bodyguard. Anna Nicole was so distraught over Daniel’s death that at the funeral she tried to climb into the coffin with her son, writes the New York Daily News.

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