‘While You Were Dating’: Hallmark’s Sunday Valentine Movie Stars William Baldwin

Ready for another dose of romance and comedy? Hallmark Channel is serving up two huge servings this weekend with Saturday’s A Dash Of Love and While You Were Dating, which airs this Sunday.

Originally titled, Second Time Around, While You Were Dating tells the story of two former sweethearts who find love again after a chance reunion. It is directed by David Winning and written by Neal H. Dobrofsky.

While You Were Dating stars Billy Baldwin as Nick Stendahl, Stefanie Von Pfetten as Julia Minterman, Julia Benson as Leslie, Robert Moloney as Kyle, Michelle Morgan as Kim, Luke Roessler as Tommy, Gary Peterman as Angelo, Lochlyn Munro as Dylan, Aiyah O’Brien as Elsa, Matt Finochio as Logan, Candus Churchill as Mrs. Mintz, Maggie Sullivun as Kyle’s Mother, Beau Daniels as Kyle’s Father, Madeline Hirvonen as Ashley A., Ariel Ladret as Mother, and Jett Klyne as Grayson.

Synopsis: While You Were Dating On Hallmark Channel

The exes just might have a chance at love the second time around in Hallmark Channel’s new flick While You Were Dating. Nick Stendahl was once crazy in love with Julia Minterman many years ago. They ended up getting married but ultimately divorced after long separations due to Julia’s job put their marriage on the rocks.

It’s been 16 years, and now both Julia and Nick have moved on and are looking for love. Nick takes to a dating site to find love before the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. At the same time, Julia is also thinking about romance and decides to set up a profile on a popular site.

Nick and Julia strike gold when they both meet two very promising love prospects. What they don’t know is that they have unwittingly set up a blind date with each other. This fact is revealed after they meet at a charming little restaurant looking for their dates, but instead, they find each other.

They both think the dating flub is hilarious and decide to continue on their date by catching up on old times. Later, they come up with the idea to set each other up on dates with their friends. Nick starts to date Julia’s best friend, Leslie. But that doesn’t work out. Julia also accepts an invitation form Nick’s real estate broker. But that fizzles out.

Soon it becomes obvious that they are both still stuck on each other. When they broke up more than a decade earlier, it was only due to the long separations, not because the love wasn’t there. Now, it is blatantly apparent that what they sought in other people is what they already have between them.

Actress Stefanie Von Pfetten (via Hallmark Channel)

“Stefanie von Pfetten can currently be seen in a recurring role on USA’s ‘Shooters,’ and she was cast as female lead psychiatrist Daniela Ridley in the CBC’s mental health drama ‘Cracked.’ Other television roles include the Hallmark Channel Original Movie ‘The Gourment Detective: A Healthy Way to Die,’ as well as episodes of ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ ‘Better off Ted,’ ‘NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Eureka,’ among others.”

Actor William Baldwin (via Hallmark Channel)

“While most known for his iconic lead performances in Internal Affairs, The Squid and the Whale, Flatliners and Backdraft, Baldwin has appeared in dozens of feature films, including Forgetting Sarah Marshall. On the television side, Billy was a series regular on ‘Dirty Sexy Money,’ and recurring arcs include ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘Copper’ and ‘Hot In Cleveland.'”

While You Were Dating (Second Time Around) was filmed in Canada. The executive producers are listed as Scott W. Anderson and Howard Braunstein.

According to TV Weekly, Hallmark Channel’s While You Were Dating airs this Sunday, February 12, at 9/8 p.m. Central. The name While You Were Dating easily rolls off of the tongue since the title is a reminder of the 1995 movie While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock. Hallmark Channel has one more movie airing this weekend: A Dash Of Love.

[Featured Image by Ryan Plummer/ Crown Media]