Blac Chyna Denies Cheating: Calls Rob Kardashian ‘Big Baby,’ Engagement Off?

Blac Chyna is getting sick and tired of being accused of cheating on Rob Kardashian, mainly because the reality star believes everything he reads about his fiancée.

According to reports, whenever outlets, including Radar Online, accuse Blac of being unfaithful to the father of her child while claiming to be fully committed to their relationship, all hell breaks loose and the couple ends up feuding for days on end.

If Blac Chyna takes a photo with a man, the 29-year-old is quick to accuse the former stripper that she’s spending too much time with other people and should make herself more available to his needs now that they are supposed to be a family.

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And while Chyna has tried to explain to Rob time and time again that she’s not cheating on him, the sock designer simply doesn’t trust her enough to believe that what she’s telling him is the truth.

They have been together for 13 months now, so it puzzles Blac to think that her man has absolutely no faith in her or their relationship but yet he still doesn’t want to separate himself from the situation. It’s confusing, to say the least, but there’s no doubt that Chyna will eventually pull the plug if Rob doesn’t change his childish ways, an insider explains.

“[Blac] Chyna’s a free spirit and loves to have a good time with her friends, even her guy friends,” one insider tells Hollywood Life. “To be honest, all she hangs around is dudes. They give her life.”

“Compliment her on her body and tell her everything she wants to hear, unlike Rob at times. She’s not cheating on Rob sexually but she definitely has a few male friends who she kicks it with and confides in on the regular.”

The source further adds that Blac Chyna has a better time hanging with her male friends than when she’s around Rob, and that’s simply down to the fact that whenever she’s with her fiancé, they are arguing about the smallest things.

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To come home and be accused of cheating with other men has become a regular topic whenever Rob and Chyna get together. Since they don’t live together, Kardashian gets even more suspicious, wondering whether Blac has men running in and out of her house while he’s staying at a nearby home.

Blac Chyna is going to hit her breaking point very soon, the outlet adds, stressing that it was Rob who wanted to live by himself, not Chyna. All the accusations the TV star holds against her is affecting her mood. She doesn’t have the energy to raise three children — Rob being one of them — and if he doesn’t get a grip, the relationship will be over.

“She can’t talk to Rob about anything,” the insider adds. “He’s basically a big baby. He doesn’t have an emotional compass. She loves Rob and he’s cool to have fun with and go on trips with and all that but when it comes to being a real man, he lacks that.”

It’s already being claimed that Kardashian has no plans to spend Valentine’s Day with Chyna, having made it known that he’ll be with his mother Kris Jenner at her home in Calabasas — the only woman who has never let him down, Rob says.

While Blac has actively tried to spend more time with her fiancé, the USC graduate is very distant and while Chyna understands that he’s continuously battling his anxiety and depression, it’s not an excuse to treat the people he supposedly cares for like bad people.

What do you make of this? Do you think Blac Chyna is telling the truth or is Rob onto something here?

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