The Weeknd Comparing Selena Gomez Romance To Bella Hadid: Who Is Better?

The Weeknd can’t seem to stop gushing about Selena Gomez.

The R&B singer, real name Abel Tesfaye, has been seeing the 24-year-old for three months now, and from what sources have said, the couple seems to be fully committed to making this relationship work, having both considered each other as the perfect pairing.

According to Hollywood Life, one of Selena’s best qualities is her patience and ability to always calm hectic situations when people are feeling uneasy in certain situations.

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The Weeknd has really picked up on that and loves how everything runs so effortlessly around Gomez. Abel, who will be heading out on his world tour next month, has been stuck with an intense schedule, so the time he has for his girlfriend tends to be cut short on many given days.

But being in the industry, Selena knows how the business works and never beats him up about it. She’s aware that if The Weeknd wasn’t heading out on tour, he would have more time to spend with her, so she’s not holding anything against him by any means.

Hollywood Life notes that Abel is pleasantly surprised that somebody in the music industry has that much compassion, having thought that working in the same field could potentially hurt The Weeknd’s chances of making the relationship work.

It turns out that it’s been quite the opposite. “He’s loved how supportive and loving she is and how she’s selfless when it comes to him and others who are important in her life,” the insider reveals.

With The Weeknd’s birthday being just around the corner, Selena has already been thinking about making arrangements to make this a day that her beau most definitely won’t forget.

“He’s [The Weeknd] ecstatic that his boo wants to hook him up with a new set of wheels. That’s hot. Abel’s all for that, but wants Selena to know that she’s already given him the best present ever — herself.”

It’s claimed that Selena Gomez will be accompanying The Weeknd on his world tour, with sources claiming that there also seems to be a chance that the former Disney Channel star will be releasing her upcoming album later this year.

While Selena hasn’t confirmed it herself, Gomez has spent the last couple of weeks working on potential tracks that she thinks can make a good fit for the new record.

Fans have already wondered whether Selena’s new sound will be focusing on heartbreak again, similar to Revival, or whether she will take more of an upbeat approach such as Stars Dance.

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After all, now that the songstress isn’t hurting over her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber anymore, who was the inspiration for many of Selena’s previous songs lifted from her previous record, there’s a chance that Gomez will revert to upbeat, fun-filled pop songs.

The Weeknd, who hasn’t been able to keep quiet about his love for Selena around friends and family, is hopeful that his romance with Gomez will last as long as possible.

As the source reveals, “He can’t believe he’s met someone in the industry who’s not self-absorbed or jaded. He believes he hit the jackpot with Selena and he didn’t have to gamble his whole life to find her.”

The insider somewhat insinuates that The Weeknd’s love for his girlfriend can’t be compared to what he shared with his former flame, Bella Hadid.

The model claimed she was blindsided about Abel’s romance with Selena, Us Magazine reports, allegedly describing the “Come & Get It” singer as a backstabber for dating a man she still had feelings for, it’s been claimed.

The Weeknd has opted not to speak on the matter regarding Bella, especially since Hadid was said to have been the one who ended their relationship over fears that their hectic schedules would prevent them from seeing one another as much as she would’ve liked to.

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