F.T. Island Releasing New Album In 2017

F.T. Island are planning a big and loud celebration of their 10th anniversary since debut this year, according to All K-pop. The South Korean boy group, which was formed in June 2007, will hold a special event to celebrate the special occasion over the course of the next few months.

Not every band gets the chance to celebrate their 10th anniversary with its popularity still on the rise. F.T. Island is among those lucky ones who get to celebrate their 10th anniversary since their debut while still winning prestigious awards.

Five members from F.T. Island recently announced a special event titled THE 10TEN PROJECT ahead of their June anniversary. The event is comprised of 10 projects and allows the five members of the boy band to entertain their fandom, commonly referred to as Primadonna.

While members Minhwan and Seunghyun already treated F.T. Island fans to a surprise gift called 2 Stories of 2 Men on February 5, bigger and even more exciting pieces of THE 10TEN PROJECT are yet to come in the course of the next few months.

While it’s yet unclear what projects F.T. Island have in store for their fans, the Seoul Music Award-winning group will likely treat their fans to some exciting things.

Last month, members of F.T. Island got together in one room during KBS CoolFM’s broadcast of Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio to share stories from their lives since their debut in 2007, according to Soompi.

F.T. Island reunited for January 9’s broadcast of the program to tease Primadonna about their upcoming 10th anniversary. When asked by one of the listeners of the radio program to share their favorite moments of the past decade, all the boys started cracking jokes, and in good humor each of them said they were the best thing to happen to F.T. Island.

Jaejin jokingly referred to himself as “a good buffer” between the two oldest and two youngest boys of F.T. Island. Choi Jong Hun joined in the fun and hilariously praised himself for being able to work with “the other four idiots.”

Minhwan, meanwhile, joked that he deserves praise and serenades for being patient with his F.T. Island bandmates even though they “wouldn’t turn off the lights” back when they were living together.

Lee Hong Ki, who released his solo EP in 2015, also took advantage of the opportunity to thank himself for “having a consistent voice that allowed me to continue to improve my singing.” On a more serious note, Jaejin revealed that they are actively working on a new album, which will be released to celebrate F.T. Island’s 10th anniversary.

“It feels like a heavier responsibility since it is our 10th anniversary. So, I’m two or three times more focused on making songs than normal.”

Seunghyun said that he has become “addicted” to composing, adding that he’s now writing songs in various genres.

“I’ve become addicted to composing, so I’ve been writing songs that encompass a wide range [of genres].”

When asked by DJ Lee Hongki during the broadcast which member of F.T. Island the boys think has changed the most in terms of looks, all of the boys agreed that it’s “generally speaking Jaejin.”

DJ Hongki even said that Jaejin seems “more focused on his looks.”

“It seems he’s more focused on his looks since he started dolling himself up and gaining confidence.”

Jaejin then hilariously assured F.T. Island fans that he didn’t get any cosmetic surgery. Jaejin was recently cast in 2017 TV series called My Only Love Song in the lead role. The singer made his acting debut back in 2007.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]