Drake Reportedly Ends Jennifer Lopez Romance For Rihanna Reconciliation

Drake has reportedly ended things with Jennifer Lopez because he still has feelings for Rihanna, it has been alleged.

While he had only been seeing Lopez since the beginning of December, Hollywood Life reports that the couple’s romance has fallen flat in recent weeks, which fans on social media thought was down to the couple being so busy with their careers.

According to an insider, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Drake is actively working on getting back with Rihanna, having realized that she’s the one who he wants to be with, it’s been claimed.

The twosome famously called it quits back in October, BET reports, before dissing each other on Instagram with suggestive photos that made it very clear their relationship had not ended on good terms.

News outlets would go on to claim that Rihanna allegedly ended the romance with Drake because the “One Dance” rapper had told her he was not ready to take the next step and consider the idea of settling down with her.

Rihanna has been thinking about getting married and starting a family for a while, a source stressed at the time. And while she truly thought that Drake was going to be the man that she was going to spend the rest of her life with, those plans quickly changed when her ex-boyfriend made it known that his career was his main focus for the time being.

Of course, now that Drake is said to be trying his best to make things work with Rihanna again, it’s suggested that the Canadian-born may have reconsidered the thought of becoming a father and getting married in the near future.

After all, Drake has never been shy when it came to professing his love for Rihanna, having told millions of viewers watching last year’s Video Music Awards just how happy he was to be in a relationship with the woman he has loved since he was just 22.

While Drake seems to have called it quits with Jennifer in the hopes of landing another chance with Rih-Rih, it seems as if the “Work” singer doesn’t seem to have much interest in giving the romance another go.

A source for Hollywood Life claims that Rihanna isn’t even paying attention to Drake and his supposed advances to get back with her.

“Rihanna’s cool on Drake romantically,” a source reveals. “She’s grounded and wants a relationship built on a solid foundation. The last thing she needs is for his bullsh*t tornado to come through and mess up her life.”

As it’s already mentioned, Rihanna seems to be under the impression that reconciling with Drake is only going to lead to more drama and false promises. She’s dated the rapper on and off for eight years and no longer wants to play games with him — if they can’t be together, it’s better for the duo to go their separate ways.

“He better buy one of the many magazines she’s on the cover of or follow her on IG because that’s the closest he’ll get to see her naked again,” the source concluded, making it known that Rihanna will not be entertaining Drake on his potential moves to try and win her back.

News of the 30-year-old wanting to reconcile with Rihanna comes just weeks after it was claimed that things were actively progressing between him and Lopez — so much that Jennifer had already introduced Drake to her mother, Guadalupe.

While Drake is no longer said to be seeing J.Lo, the former American Idol judge is still expected to be featured on his forthcoming album, which is allegedly being exclusively released under Apple Music by the end of the month.

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