Russia Dossier On Donald Trump Has Been Corroborated By U.S. Investigators

The dossier that Russia reportedly has over U.S. President Donald Trump has been corroborated, at least certain aspects of it. Although some of the salacious reports that were believed to be contained in the Russia dossier have not been confirmed, the new reports indicate that U.S. investigators have confirmed the communications between foreign officials that support the existence of the Russian dossier.

On Friday, CNN reported that a story they first broke earlier this year before Donald Trump took office, a dossier that has compromising information about Donald Trump is currently held by Russia and could be highly influential with his foreign policy in regards to Russian interests, has been partly corroborated by U.S. investigators.

Although CNN did not publish the details that were reportedly in the Russian dossier, they did break the story and have since suffered the ire of current President Donald Trump, who referred to CNN as “fake news” in his first press conference before becoming President in 2017.

Since then, CNN has not only been the source of the information, but they have also become part of the news itself. Donald Trump’s description of CNN as “fake news” has forced the media organization to go to great lengths to back up their story and defend themselves in the court of public opinion.

It seems as though the dawn of a bright new day has emerged for CNN, who can now report that U.S. investigators have corroborated, for the first time ever, that certain aspects of that Russian dossier are true.

Those details that have been corroborated in the Russian dossier on Donald Trump are not the compromising details about Trump himself that were reported by Buzzfeed, which was first sourced from a former British intelligence official.

Critics of Donald Trump should not jump to conclusions too early because the actual details of the Russian dossier have not been confirmed yet. What has been corroborated is that certain communications between foreign nationals took place that fit into the narrative and timeline of the Russian dossier.

CNN also reported that former President Barack Obama and former President-elect Donald Trump were both briefed on the compromising information that was contained inside the Russian dossier, which could heavily influence the decisions that Donald Trump makes as president.

It has been reported that the new corroboration of communications about the Russian dossier also gives U.S. intelligence agencies greater confidence that the compromising information Russia has on Donald Trump is, in fact, true.

When CNN tried to reach out to White House spokesperson Sean Spicer about this new material, they were greeted with some familiar rhetoric.

“We continue to be disgusted by CNN’s fake news reporting,” Sean Spicer told CNN on a phone call. He then later called back with a similar response. “This is more fake news. It is about time CNN focused on the success the President has had bringing back jobs, protecting the nation, and strengthening relationships with Japan and other nations. The President won the election because of his vision and message for the nation.”

Although some of Sean Spicer’s claims about Trump’s current accomplishments are disputable, it is still too early to tell if he is right. But Spicer still refused to speak on the new information that just came out about Donald Trump and the Russian dossier.

Although the details of the Russian dossier on Donald Trump had been previously reported by Buzzfeed, we will not be reporting them in this article until they are indeed confirmed.

There has been no comment from the FBI, Department of Justice, CIA or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as of this time about this new development on Russia’s dossier on Donald Trump.

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