Bizarre Public Sex: Car Owner Discovers A Perverted Trio On His Vehicle

The Sun reports that a bizarre public sex act was interrupted yesterday by the owner of the car on which the act was taking place. Just the public sex on a car would be notable enough to justify some media coverage, but that descriptor alone does not even come close to covering the exceedingly bizarre nature of the incident. It was also in broad daylight, for example. Just beside a huge supermarket. With a crowd of passersby watching the sex act. And one of them spontaneously joined in. That was too much for Mr. Itchie Akhtar and his cousin, whose reactions to the bizarre public sex may crack you up and will almost certainly surprise you.

The scene that would play host to the public sex act, according to the report, was a parking lot just next to the entrance of an Asda, a large chain of United Kingdom supermarkets that can be seen as Britain's answer to Safeway. It was also the middle of the afternoon, which made anything that were to take place there even more public and more conspicuous. That did not stop one very brazen and very bizarre couple from strolling up to one of the cars parked there and deciding to commence having passionate sex where everyone could see them. The man pulled down his lady's leggings, she bent over the hood of the white car they had chosen, and they went to work.

The pair's bizarre lovemaking was going on just several yards away from a main street, where unsuspecting men, women, and children passed by. For the most part, the passersby, while morbidly fascinated by the public sex, were too horrified to actually stop and watch. Not that it would have been very appealing, it appears, as the few stills of the incident captured by CCTV do not make the couple look like models or anything of the sort.

Regardless of whether any people from the main street stopped to view the public fornication, they did not dare approach. There was one exception, though. A man who, unphased by the bizarre public sex, walked up and stood beside the thrusting couple.

It was at that point that 31-year-old Itchie Akhtar and his cousin were walking out of the supermarket. They quickly forgot about the groceries they were carrying, however, when they spotted what was going down on the hood of the cousin's car: they saw the couple having public sex. That on its own would have been enough to make them stop in their tracks, but they snapped when they saw the man who had joined the couple putting his fingers into the woman's mouth as if he was part of some bizarre threesome.

"This other guy was hanging around like a weirdo," Akhtar would recount later. "When he put his finger in her mouth, we just lost it."

"We were all going crazy, laughing, shouting. This was broad daylight, 2 p.m., right in front of Asda."
Itchie insists, though, that his cousin was not as angry that the unholy trio was defacing his car with their act as getting it dirty.

"They were so open about it. It was absolutely hilarious to watch but my cousin was more concerned about his car getting dirty," Itchie noted.

The people watching the scene from the CCTV, also known as security cameras, also maintain they were only worried about the cleanliness of the automobile.

"We saw this group of three people come into view on the CCTV," one of the security guards said, "and we actually thought they were going to damage the cars so that's why we were watching."

Everyone agrees, though, that they had never seen anything like that act of bizarre public sex.

The report does not detail the altercation that ensued after the couple was spotted, but it only stands to reason that the offenders (the three people engaging in the public sex act) were arrested. Further evidence of this fact is that none of their names have been released.

Hopefully, the three (if they stay in touch) will think to take whatever bizarre fetishes they want to engage in to a more private venue next time.

[Featured Image by Sadeugra/iStock]