‘From Straight A’s To XXX’: Haley Pullos Shares Details On Film, True Story?

Tomorrow night, on Lifetime you, do not want to miss the new movie From Straight A’s to XXX, which stars Haley Pullos of General Hospital. The movie From Straight A’s to XXX is all about a girl who was a perfect student, but then her life changed. Soap Opera Digest got the chance to talk to Haley Pullos and find out the details about this new movie.

Haley plays Miriam Weeks. She is a student at Duke University and needs to find a way to pay for tuition, so she becomes a porn star to do it. Her secret was exposed, and it gets so bad that she even receives death threats. Haley actually got this role because her manager was contacted and thought she was a perfect fit for it. They filmed the entire movie in about 16 days, and she loved this movie.

Haley shared that filming From Straight A’s to XXX was really difficult on her emotionally. She spoke out and shared the details.

“Kind of what you would expect it to be. I mean, there are some extremely heavy scenes in the movie, and you have to go to an extremely heavy place to get to those emotions. Sometimes you get stuck there and you have to, like, go to the bathroom and take your time for five minutes and pull yourself out of it and you’re like, ‘Okay. It isn’t real. Everything’s fine.’ And then you can be okay again, and everything is happy and it’s a wonderful experience. But it was a lot of emotion. I had the honor of working with one of the greatest directors, in my opinion, Vanessa Parise, who directed the movie, and she was just so good at getting me where I needed to go for those heavy scenes. She would pull me aside and she would just have a conversation with me. We would talk as though I really was Miriam and she’d ask me questions and I’d answer her and it would really pull me to that heavy place, and I would just start bawling and then she’d be like, ‘Okay — and action!'”

From Straight A’s to XXX is the biggest thing that Haley has ever done and she is really proud of it. She said her dad loves it and watches it once a day. One thing you might not know about From Straight A’s to XXX is that it was based on a true story.

“Miriam did a lot of press, a lot of publicity, when she was in the public eye, and so I was able to go back and watch videos of her interviews, read stuff that she had written. She even did a documentary that I watched, so I had a lot of access to a lot of information about her which was really, really helpful.”

Rolling Stone shared a bit about the real story behind From Straight A’s to XXX. She went by the name of Miss Belle Knox, and would sell her panties for $50 or more at sex conventions. She did over 30 films in her time in the business. She was just a freshman when the news broke about what she was doing to pay for college. Her parents didn’t know she was doing porn and actually thought she was still a virgin.

Are you excited to see Haley Pullos on From Straight A’s to XXX? Did you realize this was based on a true story? This movie airs on Lifetime on Saturday night at 7 p.m. CST.

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