Eminem, Lana Del Rey Mashup Video Is Popular Despite Past Beef

Usually, when the names Lana Del Rey and Eminem are used in the same sentence, it is referring to a conflict they had in 2014. Nevertheless, many critics feel Eminem should not be encouraged to continue to normalize violence against women.

Despite their 2014 beef, around mid-January, a new mashup video was released that features both of them singing on a single track. To date, the Lana Del Rey and Eminem mashup has already gained around 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The mix track is called “Ready For You (2017 Audio)” and it starts out as an Eminem song called “Patiently Waiting.” Lyrics from the Eminem song that are emphasized in the remix include, “They think they’re crazy but they ain’t … And turn this day into ****** mayhem you staying with me?… You get the message am I getting through to you?”

The track that is used as the hook is from a Lana Del Rey song called “Off to the Races.” The repeated lyrics in the new mashup with Eminem include, “Because I’m crazy baby, I need you to come here and save me… I’m sorry I’m misbehaving… I’m your little scarlet, starlet, singin’ in the garden.”

In the comments section, fans wrote good reviews about the Lana Del Rey and Eminem mashup, but did not focus much on the 2014 controversy.

Lana Del Rey, Eminem are in a mashup video, unofficial.

Overall, this mashup is likely meant to be satire, a parody, or good comedy, and it might hinge on the fact that Lana Del Rey and Eminem have an open beef that their fans are aware of.

About the issues between Eminem and Lana Del Rey, they began when Eminem said he wanted to physically assault Lana Del Rey.

The incident was reported by Billboard in late 2014, and Eminem was recorded in a rap battle saying he would punch Lana Del Rey in the face and celebrate the assault.

The lyrics created by Eminem referenced Ray Rice getting suspended from the Ravens NFL team for physically abusing his fiance. The transcript of Eminem’s rap about Lana Del Rey are as follows.

“But I may fight for gay rights, especially if they d*** is more of a knockout than Janay Rice. Play nice? B**** I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance. Til her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.”

This incident was unexpected because Lana Del Rey and Eminem had never had a beef before he threatened to punch her.

In fact, in 2012, Lana Del Rey made a point of saying that she thought Eminem was a good musician, and was quoted by Pop Crush saying Eminem “taught her that music can have intellect and be from a real place.”

When the incident was discussed in the media, Ms Magazine wrote their own opinion piece on the lyrics Eminem wrote about Lana Del Rey and pointed out that he has talked about violence toward his own ex-wife and mother. They concluded by stating the following.

“We’re talking about Eminem today and we’ll talk about another bad boy tomorrow. Until we press pause and give these offenses the weight they deserve—until we stop talking about these guys as though they’re completely removed from the rest of us—the cycle will keep going.”

Supporting this, in 2013, a year before the Lana Del Rey incident, NME was calling out Eminem for continuing to normalize violence against women in a day and age where it is not socially acceptable or legal.

Unfortunately, Eminem has made few fans of his new pro-misogyny songs since 2014, and his lyrics about Lana Del Rey were just one of many examples of how critics felt Eminem went too far with fantasizing about harming women.

For example, in August 2015, Eminem was being called out for writing lyrics for Straight Outta Compton that were about sexual violence against women, according to Daily Mail.

Lana Del Rey, Eminem beef is violent, but there is a song where their vocals are combined.

On February 5, Ann Coulter was quoted by Hip Hop DX stating that Eminem writing a negative song about her support for Trump called “No Favors” was not a political rebuttal, but just another example of Eminem encouraging misogyny and sexual or physical violence toward women.

Lana Del Rey never made an immediate comment about the Eminem lyrics and may have done so to ignore him or not participate in his games.

By far, one of the oddest moments that came out of the beef between Lana Del Rey and Eminem is a video by Whitney Rice attempting to impersonate LDR and “give a response” to Eminem’s violent behavior.

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