Indian ‘Stigmata’ Boy Perplexes Doctors, Teen Bleeds Randomly 10 Times A Day

Medical workers in India continue to be confused over the mysterious condition currently ailing one young native.

Since he was 10 years old, Akhilesh Raghuvanshi has suffered from an unknown malady that causes random bouts of massive bleeding without any previous instigation of injury to his body parts, according to the Daily Mail.

When the teen’s symptoms first started to display themselves three years ago, Akhilesh’s parents assumed that their son had simply been suffering from nosebleeds due to dehydration, but they soon found out that the matter was much more dire than they first predicted it to be.

“Akhilesh’s painful condition,” which the report explains affects his eyes, ears, mouth, legs and hairline, “sees blood pouring from his body even though he has not been cut or scratched, [and] leaves him with [both] extreme exhaustion and crippling migraines.”

Along with the pain and the unsettling occurrence that comes with it, Akhilesh also has to deal with the blood flow happening at least 10 times a day and during the most random of moments, which causes him to miss out on most activities that teenagers enjoy.

“I bleed from my eyes, my hands, my head, from everywhere,” the so-called “stigmata boy” remarked about his condition. “It may happen once or may be 10 times in a day.”

“Sometimes,” he continued, “the bleeding will stop and won’t happen for months, but in the past 15 days, I have bled almost every day.”

After being treated by his normal doctor last year for the worsening matter and getting no closer to the truth, Akhilesh and his parents were referred to specialists at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, where they stayed for a month as medical workers there tried to figure out the cause of the stigmata-like medical stumper.

Unfortunately for the young patient, however, the closest workers got to a possible outcome for his ailment was a condition known as haemolacria, which causes people to cry droplets of blood instead of normal tears.

Now desperate for answers, Arun Raghuvanshi, Akhilesh’s father, is sharing his son’s tale with the public in hopes that someone will know just what is going on with his child.

“I have seen the best of the best doctors in India,” Arun, a farmer, expressed, “[but] none of them seem to understand what this disease is and how it can be cured. I fear for my child’s life now. Medical science must have an answer to it.”

Despite the world of medicine not yet having a proper response, many who have come across the tale of Akhilesh and his health issue believe that the answer lies within the Christian belief of stigmata, an act of God that replicates the set of wounds incurred by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion on the skin of random, everyday people.


In 1999, the religious phenomena was given the big screen treatment with the thriller Stigmata, which featured Primetime Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne in the cast. The film, which centered on an atheist (Arquette) who suddenly and painfully becomes afflicted with the wounds of Christ after touching blessed rosary beads, became a box office hit despite negative critiques, taking in more than $89 million throughout its run.

Whether as godly as stigmata or more human such as haemolacria, the only thing Mr. Raghuvanshi seems to want for the moment is for those in the medical field to figure out the best way to make his sick son better.

“I appeal to international medical fraternity to come forward to help save my child and rid us of the endless pain and agony,” he concluded. “I hope my son’s condition offers the medical fraternity an opportunity to investigate the case once again and come up with some solution to the [stigmata-like] problem.”

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