Hillary Clinton Exposes Herself To More Misery Via Tweet After Trump Ruling

Hillary Clinton appears to be gloating over Donald Trump’s appeal loss, but instead she opened the floodgates for even more Hillary bashing with her two-digit tweet. The tweet never mentioned Trump, but many surmised who Hillary was targeting.

Kellyanne Conway was one of the folks who deciphered Hillary’s tweeted code right away. Conway took to Twitter and nipped Hillary’s short-lived bloom in the bud. One thing Hillary and Kellyanne have in common is their ability to tweet very effectively with jabs made up of no more than six digits or letters each.

Hillary has been tucked away in her upstate New York home tending to the wounds of her election loss. Besides tweeting kudos to the women who marched on Washington, Hillary’s been mostly silent on social media until now.

Hillary Clinton Jabs Trump With Tweet

Trump’s appeal was heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco and he was defeated. It appears that Trump’s appeal loss offered some gloating ammunition for Hillary. Despite the former Secretary of State writing a simple “3-0” on a tweet without addressing it to anyone, the masses knew immediately what Hillary meant.

Is this a simple case of misery loves company? Reports of Hillary’s misery over her ill-fated presidential bid have waned in the headlines, but apparently she’s still carrying it around with her. Clinton’s strategy of staying out of all things having to do with Trump politics has actually been working for her. It wasn’t all that long ago where Hillary bashing was the activity of the day, but that has all but stopped – until today.

Hillary hasn’t offered up any ammunition for someone to use against her, up until this latest tweet. Now the social media sites are filled with reminders about Hillary’s history for all to read. People are quick to remind her of her own ill-fated journeys in the past, like what is seen in the tweet below.

Hillary’s tweet was undoubtedly referring to the three-judge panel that made up the court who heard Trump’s appeal and who all sided against Donald Trump’s order, Breitbart News suggested.

Kellyanne Conway was one of those people who knew exactly what Hillary was referring to in her tweet and she posted a tweet of her own, jabbing back at Hillary. She tweeted back the abbreviations of the three vital states that Clinton lost during the election for president.

Despite Hillary retreating to her home in upstate New York to recuperate from those election wounds, it appears she’s not missing many of the current events. It is apparent she is keeping up with Trump’s daily grind in the Oval Office as it didn’t take long for her to tweet her “3-0” once the news of Trump’s ruling hit the headlines.

Hillary Clinton Tweet Seen As Trump Jab

Breitbart News suggested that “Clinton might have been better served staying out of the spotlight after her historic failure in the 2016 election as Republicans step up their Twitter game.” She’s kept herself safe from jabs and disparaging remarks by keeping her social media sites rather quiet.

This tweet from Hillary took on a life of its own across the social media sites. Although some people are singing her praises and cheering her on, others are having a field day reminding her of her own downfalls. She does have some siding with her, like the tweet from Eric Holder seen below.

It didn’t take long for someone to remind the former Secretary of State that she has two ill-fated presidential election bids under her belt, if she wants to talk numbers. According to some of the comments seen on the Telegraph, Trump was asked to take notice of the fact that Hillary was able to post a tweet using only two numbers. This of course was a swipe at Trump’s more elaborate tweets.

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