Captain America Comes To Life: Chris Evans Takes On David Duke On Twitter

Chris Evans has been using Twitter in recent weeks to register his dismay at the start of Donald Trump’s tenure as president of The United States Of America, as he has openly opposed a number of his orders, decisions, and policies.

On Thursday the Captain America actor took to the social media platform again to remark on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and as a result of his comments, he suddenly found himself embroiled in a war of words with David Duke, a white supremacist and the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Chris Evans’ post on Thursday actually used a previous tweet from David Duke as a point of reference. The actor referred to Duke’s support of Donald Trump’s potential appointments of Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist, Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor, and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General back in November to underline his insistence that Trump isn’t fit to be president.

On Thursday, Chris Evans was so disgusted by the appointment of Jeff Sessions to such a lofty position that he wrote that if David Duke “thinks you’re right, then you are unequivocally wrong.”

David Duke, who has previously run and failed to win the 1988 Democratic presidential primary, the 1992 Republican primary, as well as the Louisiana governorship, and seats in Congress, decided to post a response to Chris Evans, declaring that Evans was simply a “typical dumb actor.”

Chris Evans was quick to offer his own rebuttal to David Duke, as he laid out numerous quotes from the Holocaust denier and anti-semite that proved President Donald Trump shouldn’t be on the same page as him.

Chris Evans wanted to end this passage of messages in a positive light, though. So he took to his Twitter account to insist that, because of the current political climate, people need to shout down the loud utterances of hate that have become louder and louder in the last few months.

While his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America is clearly going rather well, as Chris Evans has appeared as the beloved American superhero in five of the biggest blockbusters of the last decade, he has already made it clear that he might one day consider a position in politics.

Chris Evans takes on David Duke on Twitter

Chris Evans made this revelation during a previous chat with Esquire Middle East.

“I’ve alway thought it would be nice one day to think about some sort of political pursuit,” he said. If he did transition into politics, he’d be moving into the family business, too, as Chris Evans’ uncle is Democratic Massachusetts congressman Mike Capuanoa.

“I’m so proud of my uncle and of anyone who dedicates themselves to helping the progression of society in exacting change for the betterment of mankind,” Evans continued. “Ultimately, there’s very few things that I consider to be noble and challenging. I know that Washington is a tough place. I have my opinions and maybe later on in life I might try and actually get up on a soap box.”

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