iPhone 8 Release Date & Specs: Quick Charging, Plastic 4K OLED, & Mini Touch Bar

Being the 10th-anniversary device of one of its most iconic products, the iPhone 8 is arguably Apple’s most important smartphone to date. After releasing the same design for three years, the Cupertino-based tech giant is in need of a revolutionary device that would capture the world’s attention the same way the very first iPhone did back in 2007. Fortunately, if rumors are anything to go by, it appears that the iPhone 8 would be a flagship that just might exceed expectations.

Speculations about the iPhone 8 have always been very encouraging, with rumors pointing to a device equipped with a powerful A11 chip and a brand new design that would blow the iPhone 7’s three-year-old frame out of the water. Though Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors to date, speculations are high that the iPhone 8 would feature a glass and metal frame, a new speaker system that would make the phone even thinner, and long-range wireless charging from distances of up to 15ft. An embedded Home Button and TouchID Sensor are also highly rumored for the device. A likely September 2017 release date for the device is also expected, despite the mass production of the smartphone rumored to be starting earlier than usual.

A recent PC Advisor report has updated its list of features that are rumored for the iPhone 8. While the premise of an upgraded iPhone 8 screen has been around in the rumor mill for a while now, new details about the upcoming device have emerged, stating the iPhone 8 would feature an extremely high-resolution “wraparound” OLED screen. With the rumored wraparound nature of the iPhone 8’s display, however, rumors have also speculated that the device would, just like the Galaxy S7 Edge, use a plastic screen instead of the traditional flat glass panel.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be a revolutionary device, much like the original iPhone back in 2007.

The actual resolution of the iPhone 8’s screen remains unconfirmed, but reports have emerged stating that Apple is aiming for a display that is superior to those utilized by Samsung for its flagship devices, according to a MacWorld report. Considering that Samsung’s flagships pack impressive QHD screens, there is a pretty good chance that Apple is actually aiming for a full-on 4K display for the iPhone 8. After all, the Galaxy S7’s QHD display already ranks high on the resolution ladder. Thus, if Apple is really aiming to exceed QHD resolution, there is really no better option left than to go for a 4K display.

One thing that has definitely attracted the attention of numerous Apple fans is the idea that the iPhone 8 would finally be equipped with a Quick Charge feature. Fast charging has been around in the mobile industry for years, but Apple has so far been hesitant to roll out the feature to its flagship devices. If rumors prove accurate, the iPhone 8 might very well be Apple’s first device to come equipped with the ability to charge its battery in a short amount of time.

Apple has always had the tendency to hold off on features unless the technology was already perfect. The Cupertino-based tech giant has already done this numerous times in the past, and it would not be very surprising if it implements the same strategy with regard to quick charging. Thus, while the iPhone 8 might be Apple’s first device to adopt the well-loved feature, there is a good chance that the upcoming device’s fast-charging capabilities would be different and more efficient than what most of the manufacturers in the mobile industry currently offer.

The iPhone 8 is rumored to feature a small version of the 2016 MacBook Pro's iconic Touch Bar.

Most rumors, however, pale in comparison to a new feature that has been speculated for the iPhone 8 — a Mini Touch Bar. The 2016 MacBook Pro was notable because of its inclusion of the highly acclaimed Touch Bar, which enables users to perform actions and commands through the use of a nifty display above the laptop’s keyboard. Implemented on the iPhone 8’s borderless design, the Mini Touch Bar is a perfect fit. Doing so not only makes the iPhone 8 a lot more attractive, but it also increases the productivity capabilities of the upcoming flagship device.

While rumors of a Touch Bar on the iPhone 8 are fairly new, it would be pretty easy for Apple to implement the new technology in the upcoming smartphone. After all, Apple already has the software and the hardware to equip the iPhone 8 with the feature. If the Touch Bar does make it to the iPhone 8, it would make the 2017 flagship one of a kind in the mobile market, and it would most likely take a while before Apple’s competitors could catch up with a similar innovation.

The iPhone 8 is still months away, but rumors about the device are already beginning to trickle down in a steady stream. With each new leak and speculation, the iPhone 8 continues to take form. So far, what could be determined and predicted about the new device is very encouraging. Thus, just like 2007, 2017 might very well be the year of the iPhone.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]