‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Sex Scenes: Where To Watch The Iconic Missing Pool Scene

Fifty Shades Darker is getting plenty of attention for its racy sex scenes, but it’s one missing scene that has some fans of the erotic book series up in arms — though there may still be a way for them to watch it.

The second installation in the series picks up where Fifty Shades of Grey left off, with Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) moving forward with their unconventional relationship. While USA Today noted that Fifty Shades Darker actually has more sex scenes than the first movie in the series, it’s the absence of one iconic scene that has many fans taking notice.

The E.L. James book has a scene where Christian and Anastasia have a steamy game of pool, one that ends in predictable fashion (for anyone who wants some context of exactly what happens in the Fifty Shades Darker pool sex scene, Pop Sugar has a slightly racy except from the book).

'Fifty Shades Darker' Sex Scenes: Where To Watch The Iconic Missing Pool Scene

But though the Fifty Shades Darker pool sex scene was filmed, it never made the final cut of the movie.

The scene was a popular one with fans, many of whom took to social media after seeing the movie and missing out on the racy sequence.

Even the stars of the movie took notice that the famous sex scene was edited out of the final cut of Fifty Shades Darker.

“The whole pool table scene that we literally spent a week filming,” Dakota Johnson told USA Today.

“It felt like a month,” Dornan added.

Fans of Fifty Shades Darker had some advanced warning that the pool sex scene would be left out. There has been plenty of chatter about the scene being cut ahead of its opening weekend, including a report from the U.K.’s Daily Express that warned fans on what they would be missing.

It could be good for at least one of the stars that the pool sex scene was cut from Fifty Shades Darker. There had been rumors swirling that the racy movie series was driving a wedge between Jamie Dornan and his wife, actress Amelia Ward.

'Fifty Shades Darker' Sex Scenes: Where To Watch The Iconic Missing Pool Scene

As The Independent noted, Dornan has vehemently denied those rumors.

“Speaking in an interview with The Telegraph, Dornan criticised the pointed tabloid comments and cruel online rumours that claimed his marriage to actress Amelia Warner had suffered due to some of the steamier scenes in the film.

“Dornan confirmed that he has always had the full support of Warner, although she has chosen not to watch the Fifty Shades films.”

Dornan himself had some particularly harsh words for those starting the rumors.

“The more public interest there is in you, the more horrible people become,” he said. “People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children.”

And all of the stars of Fifty Shades Darker appear to be moving away from the sex scenes, at least in the film’s marketing push. The Independent reported that the stars asked for a blackout on discussing the steamy scenes during promotional interviews, deciding instead to focus on the romantic aspects of the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

But for viewers who want to watch the pool sex scene in Fifty Shades Darker, there could still be a chance. Johnson told USA Today that there’s a chance it could end up as a DVD extra when the movie is released later this year.

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