Gary Dourdan Bankruptcy: Former ‘CSI’ Star Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Former CSI:Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, TMZ is reporting.

According to the popular celebrity gossip site, Dourdan, who played Warrick Brown for eight seasons on CSI, has been plagued with financial issues for years and was finally forced to file bankruptcy on August 30.

Although the 45-year-old actor earns an average of $14,883 a month, he claims more that $14,500 of that goes towards his bills, leaving him with only $321 in his pocket.

In addition, bankruptcy papers reveal that the actor has approximately $1.8 million in assets but owes almost that same amount to banks and credit card issuers.

TMZ reports:

A large chunk of that debt — $1,689,704 million — is owed to various banks, including Union Bank, which apparently holds the mortgage on his home that may be in default.

As far as what Dourdan has in reserve in assets, he reportedly has $200 cash, $3,000 in his bank account, $4,000 worth of furniture, a $200 collection of books, clothes valued at $1,500, and watches valued at $500. He also owns a Dodge Charger, which is six years old and worth around $7,000.

The good news is that Dourdan, who has not landed a significant film or TV job since his CSI character was killed off in 2008, says he anticipates “major acting roles” in the future, which could be used to pay off his debt.

HuffPo notes that bankruptcy isn’t Dourdan’s only run-in with the legal system in recent years.

Last June, the former CSI star was arrested for drug possession after getting into a major car accident and in November of 2011 was arrested on felony battery charges for allegedly breaking his girlfriend’s nose.