Watch Live Eagle Cam As E9 Self-Feeds, Prepares To Fly And Leave Nest [Video]

Those watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam’s live stream have noticed that the eaglet, E9, has undergone numerous changes. Most noticeably, in the past week, E9 has learned to self-feed. Videos have shown E9 eating squirrel and fish without the assistance of its mother, Harriet, and father, M15. This is one of the milestones that E9 must undergo in order to become a fully independent eagle and leave the nest once and for all.

E9 has lost all of his or her baby feathers and is nearing the size of a fully grown adult eagle. For many who have watched continuously since E9 first hatched on Dec. 31, 2016, the rate of growth is so phenomenal that missing one day of the live streaming eagle cam means missing out on milestones and important changes in E9’s development. You can watch the Southwest Florida live eagle cam streaming online in the video player above.

YouTube user Lady Hawk has monitored the live eagle cam from the beginning, and brings highlights to viewers. As E9 continues to make leaps and strides, her videos are in high demand. Lady Hawk captured E9’s first moments self-feeding on Feb 8, 2017. Warning, the video might not be appropriate for those who are squeamish. The Florida eagle cam films life in the wild as it happens and there is nothing edited. If E9 is tearing into a meal or if a live fish is still flapping while the eagles feast, it is all caught on video. In the video below, you can watch as E9 tears into the flesh of a fish and begins eating. This doesn’t mean that Harriet and M15 will stop feeding E9, as they will continue to assist until E9 leaves the nest.

In addition to eating fish, E9 was recorded on Feb. 9, 2017, indulging on a squirrel. In the video below, you can see as M15 brings a second fish to the nest, but E9 has other plans for the menu. What’s interesting and fascinating about this video is that M15 spends time carefully plucking the fur from the squirrel before it is ready for eating. E9 watches attentively and is participating in a hands-on lesson from his father in how to eat squirrel.

You can watch the past 200 videos captured by Lady Hawk in the video playlist below. The videos update daily and are an excellent way to catch up on any missed moments. The eagle cam doesn’t stream live year round. Once the eagles begin nestorations, or start preparing the nest for eggs and are seen mating, the cam is activated. This takes place anywhere between September and October each year. The cam streams live 24/7 until the time the eaglet or eaglets fly from the nest. We can expect E9 to begin flying at approximately 12-weeks-old and make his or her final journey after that.

Harriet, M15, and E9 are Season 5 of the live streaming eagle cam. Season 4 took place during the 2015 and 2016 season and there were two eaglets hatched: E7 and E8. Previous seasons followed the adventures of Harriet and her mate, Ozzie. Ozzie passed away and Harriet has been with M15 since 2015. Lady Hawk has a full playlist of Season 4 that begins in November and ends when the eaglets left the nest in May. You can watch those videos below. The first video in the playlist below from Season 4 is when Harriet, E7, and E8 spent their last morning together. The day is coming where there will be another final video, as E9 too will leave his home in the South Fort Myers nest for good.

Though Harriet laid two eggs this season, only one hatched. The second egg has been named “Eggbert” by many fans of the live stream.