Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Heads Home From Hospital

Jamie Lynn Spears was all smiles as she walked out of the hospital with her daughter Maddie Aldridge today to head home. Maddie was involved in a serious ATV accident earlier in the week that had Jamie Lynn keeping vigil at her side and the entire Spears family asking everyone for prayers for a miracle. Those prayers seemed to have worked.

According to police reports, 8-year-old Maddie was driving her four wheel ATV on Sunday about a hundred yards from Spears and her husband Jamie Watson when she overcorrected and flipped the vehicle into a pond. Jamie Lynn and her husband rushed to free Maddie from the overturned ATV that was submerged underwater, but couldn’t get the seatbelt to release. It is estimated that Maddie was underwater for at least two minutes before the ambulance arrived and was able to pull her to safety.

The situation seemed dire as Jamie’s mother Lynne Spears and sister Britney Spears put out social media requests for prayers for a recovery. By Tuesday afternoon, the Spears family released a statement that Maddie had been removed from the ventilator and was talking, appearing to recognize everyone. According to USA Today, the statement also indicated that neurologists were confident Maddie suffered no neurological deficits despite the near-drowning incident.

Jamie Lynn’s sister Britney Spears confirmed Maddie’s hospital discharged and took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support and prayers in helping Maddie recover.

Jamie Watson, Maddie’s stepfather, posted a photo on Instagram of Jamie Lynn and Maddie boarding a medical helicopter for their return to their family homestead in Louisiana. Both mother and daughter were sporting smiles. Jamie Lynn shared the photo with her own fans.

Television show Extra was able to obtain exclusive photos of Jamie Lynn and Maddie walking while holding hands. The little girl appeared to have a significant bruise on her neck but otherwise seemed to be fine, sporting a comfy sweatsuit and slippers while Spears looked ecstatic, undoubtedly relieved to be taking her daughter home.

Jamie Lynn Spears daughter Maddie released from hospital today.

Jamie Lynn Spears is the sister of pop music sensation Britney Spears. Jamie Lynn seemed to be on a similar fame trajectory as the star of Nickolodeon‘s Zoey 101 when her surprise pregnancy at the age of 16 took her on a different path. While Spears initially was engaged to Maddie’s father, their romance fizzled. She married Jamie Watson in 2014.

After giving birth to Maddie, Jamie Lynn kept a low profile for several years. Spears said she knew she needed to shifted focus from her own needs to that of her child. According to People, Jamie Lynn acknowledged that raising Maddie would require her to make a significant life change.


“I needed to step away from the noise of the world and just focus on growing up and becoming the best mother,” Jamie Lynn said of her choice to live in her family’s home state of Louisiana and step away from acting. “And learning how to be an independent woman as well, for my daughter. I knew that I didn’t need the outside world to do that. I really needed to remove myself from that.”

During her time away from acting, Jamie Lynn realized her own musical talents and began songwriting. As Maddie got a little older, Spears branched out as a country singer releasing three albums since 2013.

While Jamie Lynn’s social media is full of pictures of her and Maddie cuddling, hunting, and goofing off together, today’s photo in which Spears got to take her daughter home after such a horrific near death experience will more than likely be one of her most cherished.

[Featured image by Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images.]