‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Plot: What We Know From The Trailer And Other News

Between the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer that aired during the Super Bowl and other news, this week we learned a little bit about what might go on when this nostalgic horror series returns. The trailer is packed with information and some pretty cool pop culture references. Add to that the reports that came out this week, and it looks like this season is going to be awesome.

Let’s talk about that trailer for Season 2 of Stranger Things first, shall we? The one that was unveiled during the Super Bowl. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

There’s a lot to see in this 36 seconds, starting with one of the most fun things about Season 1 of Stranger Things – Eleven’s love of Eggo waffles. What a great way to kick it off. And right away the trailer also confirms that Eleven will in fact return. No one probably really thought she wouldn’t be back. I mean, what would Stranger Things be without Eleven? But there were those with their doubts. Doubt no more. The fact that her face is upside down is probably meant to tell us where she is. This is followed by a shot of the guys on their bikes, minus Will. Soon after there is another shot of just three of the guys at school, again minus Will. These shots include another pop culture reference with the guys dressed up like the Ghostbusters for Halloween. If you look closely at the shot at the school though, you can see the front of someone’s shoe behind Dustin. Is it Will? Or someone else?

Sandwiching those two shots are two scenes with Hopper. The first shows him in his trailer when something breaks through the wall or a window. Maybe the huge spider who makes several appearances in the clip? Or something else? In the second one we see him digging for something. Entertainment Weekly reported this week on some of what we can expect when Stranger Things returns. With Hopper, we’ll see him trying to maintain a normal appearance for the town as he tries to tell a public story that doesn’t get people either up in arms about what’s going on in their community or thinking that our Stranger Things favorites need to be committed. Of course this means he has to lie a lot, which isn’t great for a guy in his job.

Then there’s a shot of someone in a quarantine suit with a flamethrower, maybe Dr. Brenner and his team. Speaking of Dr. Brenner, there’s also a shot of someone strapped to one of his chairs while a woman looks on. Thrillist suggests this could be Will undergoing some sort of “treatment” for what he saw at the Upside Down while his mother watches. (His mother will have a new boyfriend by the way. He’s played by Sean Astin.)

So let’s talk about this huge spider that shows up in several scenes in the latest Stranger Things trailer because there are a lot of really cool things related to it. The first time we see it is in a drawing that looks like it’s sitting on a kid’s desk. Immediately after, in a Close Encounters reference, we see Will’s back as a door in front of him opens and reveals a massive spider filling a red, lightning-filled sky. A few things about this.

The first one is that it’s possible that there’s another Ghostbusters angle to the story. Remember when Ray Stanz inadvertently chose the form of the destructor in the movie? What if one of the kids does the same thing with this drawing? There is something that makes this even more likely. Stranger Things was originally titled Montauk because it’s loosely based on a conspiracy theory called the Montauk Project. For the project, young boys were abducted and subjected to psychic experiments. The project stopped when one of them manifested some kind of beast while in the infamous chair. The parallels to Stranger Things are obvious.

One more really interesting thing about that spider. Stranger Things tweeted this before the Super Bowl.

It’s no secret that the people behind Stranger Things are Stephen King fans. Season 1 was full of references to a variety of his works. To start with, the look of the spider in the red sky is reminiscent of something from King’s short story titled “The Mist.” Back to the tweet above, the red cloud and the storm reference remind us of the storm that creates the mist in King’s story. And in King’s Dark Tower, the Arrowhead Project is a military experiment that tears open a portal to another dimension, allowing monsters to come into our world.

One of the things fans loved so much about Season 1 of Stranger Things was all the 80s pop culture and Stephen King references. It looks like those things will continue. Halloween can’t get here soon enough.

[Featured Image by Netflix]