Tom Hanks Didn't Attend Mom's Funeral, Gravesite Littered With Trash

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been married for 28 years, which is a pretty amazing feat for a Hollywood couple. These two people genuinely love and enjoy each other, and there doesn't appear to be any pretense about their relationship.

ABC News reported that, when Hanks was asked by Entertainment Tonight what the secret was to his successful long-term relationship with his wife, he had no hesitation in sharing his thoughts.
"We just like each other. You start there."
The popular actor says that there's genuine affection and caring for each other behind their long-time relationship, and that he and Rita got married for all the right reasons. Basically, at the end of the day they enjoy going home to each other. It's important that people in relationships be able to laugh together and, even though looks fade, if you have true appreciation for your partner any couple can get through the tough times.

Radar Online reported that Janet Marylyn Frager passed away last July, at 84-years-old. Frager was Tom Hanks' mother, and the actor posted a touching message on Instagram, sharing his personal loss with fans.

However, Radar Online reported that Hanks' mother's grave is riddled with trash. It was recently flooded following a torrential rainstorm, leaving her final resting place in the state of disrepair.

Tammie Yeries worked at the hospital where Frager was a patient before she passed away, and she's saddened at the current state of Frager's grave.
"It's very sad that there's no headstone or anything for her. You want to respect other people's loss but everybody should be marked where they are at."
According to Radar Online, the muddy gravesite at St Michael's Cemetery in Livermore, California, is covered with trash, including discarded flower pots, a broken cement border, and a traffic cone. It's understood that Hanks paid for his mother's funeral; however, he did not attend the ceremony, and even though his production company paid for the funeral expenses, there's been no follow-up.

Yeries believes that the townspeople would have rallied around and done something special to pay tribute to Frager, had they known just how awful the situation at the cemetery had become.

"She was a very generous and kind woman, she kept our local theater afloat, she was always giving back to the community."
An employee from the cemetery confirmed to Radar Online that there has been no communication with Hanks about restoring the burial site; while Jane Archer from the Dioceses of Oakland Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services confirmed that the family have not advised what they want to do with the plot.
"Until the family make a decision as to what they want, the grave will be the way it is."
Meanwhile, Hanks and Emma Watson are set to star in a new thriller titled The Circle, and on Thursday, fans got a sneak peek at a new trailer. The movie focuses on Silicon Valley and the dark side of technology.

Watch the trailer here.

The Daily Mail reported that the film is adapted from Dave Egger's 2013 novel, and tells the story of Mae Holland (played by Watson) whose employment at a huge tech company comes with dire consequences. The eccentric founder of the company, Eamon Bailey, is played by Hanks. The movie, which also stars Bill Paxton, Patton Oswalt, and Karen Gillan, is due for release in theaters on April 28.

According to Cinema Blend, Tom Hanks makes a great villain in The Circle.

Because fans are so used to seeing Hanks as an incredibly likable character, seeing him playing the antagonist will be a completely new experience. Hanks' portrayal of his character, Bailey, ensures that the audience pays great attention.

Apparently, Hanks was the first person cast for the movie and it's understood that he not only loved every minute of the role, but he also delivered everything that was required. Keep in mind that this movie is a thriller, so Bailey's preaching of "sharing is caring," "secrets are lies," "privacy is theft," "openness is the only way for us all to come together as a society," and so on, is probably not going to end well!

If you watch the trailer for The Circle you'll probably agree that it mostly drives home the creepy side of things; however, you still get to see Bailey's message. The Circle is one of the most anticipated movies due for release, and it's all due to Tom Hanks, an actor fans love to love, and perhaps after this movie, an actor fans love to hate!

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