iPhone X With Over $1000 Price Tag To Feature Wireless Charging & OLED Screen?

Apple will reportedly release three versions of iPhones this 2017 and one of them – rumored to be the special 10th-anniversary edition – will have a price tag north of a thousand U.S. dollars.

The long-standing speculations about Apple’s next iPhone models are saying that the upcoming releases will include the iPhone 7S, the iPhone 7S Plus and the anniversary model, the iPhone 8, which is also unofficially referred to as the iPhone X. A post from Fast Company described the iPhone X to be the “ultimate iPhone” as it is expected to feature very high-end specs. So if the iPhone X’ specs will be too advanced; tech fans can also anticipate a significant price hike from the Apple smartphone.

The iPhone X or the iPhone 8’s price is most likely to be set for more than $1,000, Fast Company reported citing “a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans.” Considering the price tags of the recent iPhone models and the expected specs and features of the iPhone 8, one can easily assume that Apple will offer a costlier tenth-anniversary iOS phone.

Person showing two boxed iPhone 7 units.

The iPhone 7 Plus, for instance, with 256GB storage is available for $969 in the United States or €1,119 in Europe, according to GSM Arena. As for the specs, the iPhone X could be a 5.8-inch iOS handset with OLED touchscreen and could sport a “button-free design with an edge-to-edge OLED screen with the home button somehow built in,” the report added.

Moreover, the iPhone 8’s side buttons could be substituted by “touch-sensitive inlays in a metal frame with a glass back,” Engadget explained. Talking more about the possible iPhone X design, Fast Company shared the following.

“As rumored, the sides of the iPhone 8 will likely be made of forged stainless steel, a less expensive material than the aluminum used in current iPhones. The back of the iPhone 8 is expected to be made of glass rather than metal, our source says, confirming previous reports.”

Apple’s 2017 top-of-the-line smartphone could also feature the 3D-sensing technology from Lumentum, which could be applied in various functions including facial recognition, enhanced camera performance by providing better image resolution, and for augmented reality features.

Furthermore, there’s a recent news update which strengthens speculations that the three iPhone models in 2017, including the iPhone X, will sport a wireless charging functionality as one of its features. Popular analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who noted that wireless charging increases smartphone’s internal temperate, explained how the Cupertino-based tech giant will prevent the iPhone 8 from failing because of overheating. MacRumors cited the following statement from Kuo’s research notes.

“While we don’t expect general users to notice any difference, lamination of an additional graphite sheet is needed for better thermal control and, thus, steady operation; this is because FPCB is replaced with film, which is more sensitive to temperature change of the 3D touch sensor in OLED iPhone.”

Unlike the iPhone 8, which is expected to sport an OLED screen, the two other upcoming iPhone models, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus are said to be equipped with LCD displays. Meanwhile, when it comes to camera specs, a dual-lens primary snapper can be expected from both the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone X.

As for possible release timeframe, there are rumors that the iPhone 8, alongside iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus could arrive earlier than the usual launch pattern. However, Fast Company believes that Apple won’t be doing so and will instead stick to its release tradition, announcing its new smartphone products in the fall.

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