Thousands Chant ‘Death To America’ In Iran, Protest US ‘Language Of Threats’

Thousands of protesters rallied in Iran Friday morning to show their disapproval of America’s “language of threats,” as Iranian Pragmatist President Hassan Rouhani said. The anti-American protest was unified by one repeating chant of “Death to America.”

The Independent reported that President Rouhani made a speech in Tehran on Friday in commemoration of the 1979 Iranian Revolution anniversary. Rouhani emphasized Iran’s responsibility to stand up against America’s threats and insulting “war-mongering policies.”

“Some inexperienced figures in the region and America are threatening Iran… They should know that the language of threats has never worked with Iran. […] They should learn to respect Iran and Iranians… We will strongly confront any war-mongering policies.”

While the rally was led the threatening chants, it also brought with it effigies of President Trump, with some hanging from ropes. Other people burned Israeli and American flags, the demonstrations being anti-Israeli and anti-British in addition to anti-American. Not only did they burn flags and carry unattractive images of Trump, but they also carried posters with Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and British Prime Minister Theresa May titled “Death to the Devil Triangle.”

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei incited many of the marchers on Friday morning, with various protesters echoing his sentiment in comments made to state TV reporters, according to Reuters. One young man, in particular, shared that he (and others) would die to defend their beliefs.

“America and Trump cannot do a d*** thing. We are ready to sacrifice our lives for our leader.”

Khamenei noted earlier this week that President Trump had made it easier to see the “real face of America,” according to The Independent.

“What we have been saying, for over thirty years, about political, economic, moral, and social corruption within the US ruling establishment, he came out and exposed during the election campaigns and after the elections. Now, with everything he is doing – handcuffing a child as young as five at an airport – he is showing the reality of American human rights.”

Other protesters marched more peacefully, even taking to Facebook and Twitter to fight against the violent rallies. Many of this Iranians were displeased by the flag-burning, Reuters further noted. They began using the hashtag #LoveBeyondFlags to “end the flag-burning during the anniversary.” Technically, these two U.S.-based social media sites are banned by government censorship. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot be accessed since many use certain software to work their way around the government.

NBC reported that these same individuals thanked those Americans fighting Trump’s immigration freeze.

“They also thanked Americans for opposing Trump’s executive order banning entry to the United States to travelers from seven mainly Muslim countries, including Iran. Trump’s travel ban is being challenged in U.S. courts.”

While America has been arguing the 90-day refugee freeze, Iran responded with outrage and passionate outbreaks in Tehran. They imposed a similar ban on US citizens and said that Iranian banks would no longer accept the US dollar.

Of course, the rallies are spurred on not only by immigrant issues but by Trump’s view of Iran’s nuclear assets.

President Trump has often been criticized for his negative opinions of the 2015 nuclear deal between the United States, Iran, and other countries. NBC explained that this deal was aimed at “curbing the country’s nuclear work.” The deal lifted many sanctions that had been “imposed on Iran.”

[Featured Image by Vahid Salemi/AP Images]