Yes She Khan: Only Chloe Khan Could Have Pulled This Vulgar Act Off

Nothing is private when it comes to Chloe Khan, and that includes her bath time. This became even more evident when she posted a video on Snapchat while taking a bath. Well, the net result of that is that it just made it hard for her followers to keep their minds clean!

She, however, did not grant her fans an opportunity to view her full breasts as she partially covered them with her hands. As for her other assets, namely her lips, she kept pouting them. To add to the theme of seduction, the Celebrity Big Brother star applied a filter to the video before she proceeded to gently writhe in her tub ensuring that none of her fans felt like they were wasting their time watching the video! And it obviously became clear that only Chloe Khan could have pulled this vulgar act off.

Only Chloe Khan could have pulled this vulgar act off

Fully made up even in the tub

It was not your normal bath, though, as Chloe ensured she had her full makeup on, and she did not let the water ruin it. There were lashings of mascara on her face, and her lips sported a pale pink color. Chloe also applied a bunny rabbit filter while speaking in a squeaky voice to let her fans know that her battery was dying.

The video must have been a relief to fans of Chloe since it was now confirmed she was back to her playful ways following the surgery she recently underwent. Chloe had a nose job that was meant to allegedly fix a breathing problem. She had reportedly suffered a deviated septum.

Only Chloe Khan could have pulled this vulgar act off

“Chloe recently underwent recent nose surgery to fix a deviated septum which was causing her severe sinus and breathing problems. It wasn’t for vanity reasons. Her nose is still very swollen and she is in the early stages of recovery,” a source disclosed.

In the first nose job which left her £9,000 poorer, the result were health problems which came to haunt her later.

Unlike other developments in her life, about which the public is always informed, Chloe did not publicize the nose job. She has also tried to lie low while she recovered.

To Liverpool with a ‘new’ nose

And following the rhinoplasty, one of the very first places where she was spotted with her new nose was in Liverpool, where she had a photoshoot. When she arrived at the location, her nose still appeared swollen though Chloe managed to shrug off any suggestions that she might be in pain. For the photo shoot, Chloe was joined by Ex On The Beach Stars Joshua Richie and Zara Lena Jackson.

Though she claims the nose job was purely for medical reasons, Chloe has previously admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery. As evidence of that fact, the reality television star looks radically different from the way she looked when she first came to the limelight on X Factor. That was back in 2010 when she used to go by the name of Chloe Victoria. She also toyed around with another name, Chloe Mafia!

Barbie doll

In an interview with New Magazine, Chloe said she loved being out of proportion and looking like Barbie Doll.

She, however, ruled out being addicted to going under the knife.

“I’m not addicted [to surgery], but when you have something done and you love the results, it makes you want to get something else. In my circles, surgery isn’t weird. It’s like going for dinner,” she told New Magazine.

Since she first came to the limelight, the Play Boy model has admitted to having spent approximately £50,000 on cosmetic surgery. This includes boob jobs, the first nose job, lip job and even getting her teeth done.

“I’ve spent about £20k on my boobs, £9k on my nose, £8.5k on veneers, and my lips were another £10k. So about £50k in total,” the Celebrity Big Brother contestant revealed.

Modern Cinderella?

Besides the change brought about by the cosmetic surgery, the self-titled millionaire had a rags-to-riches story. After finding fame and fortune, she admitted growing up with limited means and always desired a better life. She also wanted to change the life her family led. On X-Factor, she revealed that she had previously worked as a prostitute. That didn’t get her kicked out of X-Factor‘s Boot Camp but what did was a misdemeanor of a different kind, which was evidence of cocaine use.

If her lifestyle is anything to go by, the former WebCam model has now realized her dreams. Evidence of her traveling the world in private jets, living in a palatial home, and driving a luxury vehicle is littered on her social media accounts.

There are those who might begrudge her, but she believes she has earned it. “It’s hard getting rich and it’s hard been poor. Choose your ‘hard’,” she quips on Instagram.

[Featured Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]