Kevin Bacon Explains Motivations Of His Character Dick In Amazon’s ‘I Love Dick’

Kevin Bacon may be confusing some dirty minds with his new series called I Love Dick, but the title of the series has a deeper meaning attached to it, according to Bustle. While the Amazon series revolves around the sexuality of a complicated woman, I Love Dick is all about a man named Dick.

Promoting the series at the Sundance film festival recently, Kevin Bacon revealed a few details about his character named Dick, who initially turns out to live up to the connotations associated with his name. In particular, the Footloose actor revealed why Dick’s name is in the title instead of Chris, played by Kathryn Hahn.

Dick is not just some college student (though Kevin Bacon has played a few of those). Dick is actually the patron saint and respected professor of Marfa, Texas. Addressing a crowd at the film festival, Bacon admitted that he “loves” his character in the Amazon show.

“It’s just not straight down the middle kind of writing and storytelling; I love the character, although, I didn’t really know where he was gonna go.”

When he held the script for I Love Dick for the first time, Kevin Bacon was concerned his character was going to be a typical “jerk” used by showrunners as a “tool” to develop a bigger story about Hahn’s character.

But then the show’s creator, Jill Soloway, assured Kevin Bacon that Dick would be explored with “more complexity” as the Amazon series evolved. At the beginning of the show, Bacon’s character certainly seems as if he lives up to his name.

Dick behaves as if he knows everything and thinks his opinion is more important than anybody else’s. Kevin Bacon’s character also appears to have some kind of enigmatic sexual hold on women, and Chris is no exception.

And just when viewers develop a negative opinion about Kevin Bacon’s character, he actually evolves, and viewers see a bigger picture. That’s because Soloway likes to have his characters go through an evolution, and change apparently didn’t bypass Dick.

But Kevin Bacon assures fans that his evolution will be “fascinating,” and viewers will actually get to “love this show.” When asked what he likes about the Amazon show, he praised Soloway, Hahn, and Griffin Dunn.

Kevin Bacon gushed over the latter two, saying that when Hahn and Dunn’s acting talents are combined, it’s “absolutely riveting.” But just “absolutely riveting” acting won’t make a TV show a hit.

Bacon also praised the camera work, the music, and the “obvious unbridled sexuality of something is so kind of off the norm” as well as the show’s use of snippets that remind viewers of art films.

“I just think the show is fascinating.”

Kevin Bacon may be a 58-years-old who won a full scholarship at Bucknell University at the age of 16, but it doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to making spelling errors, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The actor recently came on The Tonight Show to impersonate the Kinks‘ Ray and Dave Davies with the help of host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon and Kevin Bacon gave viewers a reason or two to laugh when they presented a “first draft” version of the English rock band’s 1970 classic song “Lola.” Although the two really tried their best to nail the performance, it was filled with awkward rhymes and bizarre spelling errors.

Kevin Bacon and Fallon treated the audience to hilarious verses that featured the words gorgonzola cheese, granola, Cubs legend Sammy Sosa, and even a line about Motorola flip-phone, which the host described as a “gadget that comes out in 30 years, and it’s a flip-phone.”

“Motorola, M-O-T-O-rola.”

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